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  1. Code of Conduct
  2. User Reputation and Promotion System
  3. Revamping the site
  4. Blogs/news page
  5. registering/logging in
  6. Avatars
  7. Infraction and Warning
  8. The Great Logo Contest
  9. logo contest results
  10. Official Forum Rules
  11. Deletions of Adult Content
  12. Spam Box Moderation
  13. Arcade
  14. Eastbound poker night
  15. EB Logo signature banner
  16. Facebook Connect Integration
  17. Temporary Absence
  18. My Report System
  19. Official Snake Tournament ...
  20. Thumbs System Now Optional
  21. Media Section Now Open!
  22. @[YOU]: Usertag/#Hashtag System Now in Place
  23. Signature Size Restriction
  24. Smiley Text
  25. Changes to User Reputation and Promotion System
  26. Server Maintenance and Reopen of Site
  27. Migration and Site Off Starting Next Week
  28. [you] Десять друзей верят в Россию
  29. In memoriam: our hacker friends from Russia
  30. Update: Ignore v.2, PM Block & Ban List
  31. Profile Music Instruction
  32. Ethnicity and Nationality Flag Display
  33. Daily Thread Posting Limit
  34. Album System Update
  35. New rules
  36. Site Hacked
  37. Site Down and Future of EB
  38. It's official! EB will live on!! and i'm now the admin...
  39. IF the website is slowing down.. it's because of me.. lol
  40. (eb shut down) EB maintenance friday night 3/3/17 9-12pm eastern time ( new york time
  41. i almost destroyed EB last night..
  42. MRC will be ppromoted to co-admin..
  43. sailor neptune will be promoted to global mod!!!!
  44. galvatron prime will be promoted to mod..
  45. Mimoza is banned forever
  46. EB maintenance is 3/17/17 shut down.
  47. aggression/instigator law 9-11 in effect
  48. saywhaat is a mod..
  49. PrinceValiant is mod in vietnamese
  50. cydevil is mod..
  51. selurong is a mod now
  52. hua is being demoted
  53. walrus and ROk is ban in the girls club
  54. HUA is no longer a mod
  55. linsanity is no longer a ADMIN
  56. ariansanti is NOW ADMIN!!!
  57. xiren is now Shirvanshah
  58. north america is now added in the front newst section
  59. asiansensation is now admin...
  60. Shirvanshah is now Qamzardaan
  61. iennod is now admin
  62. cydevil is temporary demoted
  63. gaon is demoted & kasakara is a candidate..to be mod in korean section..
  64. Squall Leonhart is now Kashmius
  65. regular blue mods can no longer view user IP address ( temporary)
  66. new EB headquarters & staff preview...( VIDEOS) 2018 update
  67. riseofkoba is banned
  68. maharlika is now Danaya
  69. MRC and sailorneptune will take over the forum and members..
  70. theres a problem with the icons..
  71. re-arranging the forums. mods, & classes.
  72. i'm going to organized all of galvatron primes muslim threads.
  73. All of galvatron anti-muslim thread will moved to jihad watch
  74. official EB88 rules: regarding sexy threads.
  75. Danaya is temporary banned
  76. 222 is banned
  77. i'm fixing the threads at the moment
  78. (chat feature UPDATE coming tommorow or sunday /mondayTO EB!
  79. SOCIAL MEDIA ( FACEBOOK LIKE ) is coming to EB as well..
  80. chat room has been resetted
  81. chat room is real glitchy & not working ... give me time to fix it..
  82. Garenl & watch is unbanned.
  83. Garen and watch is unbanned.
  84. garen is banned until further notice
  85. EB chat feature will come back to EB 2nd week!
  86. ejays new account is deleted twitch..
  87. garen/twice/twitch ejays account is banned.
  88. Going to concentrate in Eb update..
  89. Jhin is Banned
  90. i spoke to ejay directly.. if he was JHIN/talon in the shadow/yuso/garen etc etc...
  91. I'am going to Fix the Emoji & restore the chat next week! :)
  92. EB88 facebook.... will be tested this next week..
  93. chat room is coming back next week
  94. fireants goodbye!!!!
  95. website went down thanks @asiansensation
  96. new website coming. forums invinsible until 2019
  97. EB went down for 6 hours today, i had to restart the server..
  98. EB88 is on rebuilding mode., working on a new website
  99. @mrc
  100. Eb88 front news article page samples
  101. EB88 video library preview
  102. eb88 blogging preview sample
  103. dont worry the forum are not gone.. its just invinsible
  104. community news are the future ( not news controlled by elites). thats my vision.
  105. EB88 studio channels subscription
  106. rise of koba unbanned
  107. Are I not invited in Amazians.com?