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  1. About the forum sections
  2. Do topics eventually get deleted automatically?
  3. How can new members get to use the search feature?
  4. ID verification to stop spam
  5. Banner for site
  6. How about a reputation system?
  7. what happened to eastancestry.com???
  8. Moderators
  9. Reward system
  10. [Bug report] Some emoticons didn't show up
  11. Facebook group?
  12. No mongolian?
  13. what makes asiafinest success
  14. Gadget section
  15. History and politic section is ambiguous
  16. How do you guy likes the new revamp looks?
  17. Travelling section
  18. This site is AWESOME
  19. The site logo
  20. Did this site get advertising?
  21. Why no Burma,Israel,Kazakhstan,Hong Kong ,Singapore and Pakistan Chat in this forum ?
  22. entertainment section
  23. We need a share section
  25. How come I can't post in the other sections?
  26. adult section
  27. EB gaming clan?
  28. the new logo
  29. Logo Design Contest
  30. the most recent logo
  31. Business
  32. The new logo is...
  33. How do you get rid of warnings?
  34. How to disable stupid bird?
  35. Doraemon has too much power.
  37. same person thumbing you down for no reason
  39. Spam should be a subsection of general discussion
  40. We need an education section
  41. I have a complaint.
  42. Why so difficult to register?
  43. Reorder ethnicity sections
  44. what's the point of getting repped?
  45. only allow to create 1 group?
  46. We need an offtopic sub section
  47. The irrationality and illogical aspects of the reputation system.
  49. Should we make the rating/rep power private?
  50. The abolition of the Reputation System, justifications will be provided.
  51. Is there anyway to track posts?
  52. Game clan forum
  53. is the yin and yang Eastbound Logo a CAT?
  54. What is the purpose of this website?
  55. voting poll function on thread wont work. Is it just me?
  56. Is Eastbound being DDoS attacked?
  57. What's the big deal about off-topic?
  58. small gif in signature?
  59. Rule #16 of the new rule guideline.
  60. An investigation upon Rep Abusers and a protest against rule #16.
  61. Share ad revenue
  62. How can you ask for mods help if someone wont stop harrassing you?
  63. what is this forum's motto
  64. What is the point of Indian forum?
  65. EB88 Mobile
  66. How come 90% of the News feeds are about China or has to do with Chinese people?
  67. Why is Some User Having a + Symbol Beside of their Name?
  68. Why was my thread closed?
  69. Is Midnight-Sun a corrupt moderator?
  70. There are Hmong and Mongolian forum, where's Burma
  71. Is this site gonna end up like asia finest
  72. forum layout
  73. how to change avatar
  74. article comments broken?
  75. Did anyone actually read the forum rules?
  76. Where did the funny picture and video thread go?
  77. eastbound hunger games
  78. Low fi version, preferences and don't load pictures option.
  79. How does one go about editing his own blog??
  80. loWang sent me a death threat, should I pray for him?
  81. profile pic
  82. What's the Rep Point, Rep Power?
  83. What's the deal with Asiafinest.com and eastbound88.com?
  84. Fair, Impartial and Unbias Moderating?
  85. Why I can't see my own signature
  86. My complaint against Mr.C's moderation
  87. My Complaint against the mod who deleted my post on China Chat
  88. Mt complaint against Doreamon - she is mad with power
  89. Midnight-sun can't moderate properly
  90. Ignore the reports made by Chan-Ho: Why you should not take him seriously.
  91. Do we have a facebook and twitter page?
  92. Need a new name
  93. Ask a Mod ... Who is at fault??
  94. bug in arcade scoreboard comments
  95. How did you program the Gameroom?
  96. Personal Style, Recreation and Fine Living forum?
  97. no reminder in Arcade tournament
  98. tournament game is counted even when flash never loads
  99. Why is ther no place to talk about cars??
  100. Like the new look?
  101. Nice background
  102. Ugliest site ever
  103. Meaning of the icons for each thread
  104. Is The Eastbound88 Cat logo copy from Felix The Cat?
  105. The cat logo
  106. Should eastbound88 change the cat logo?
  107. Why is this forum called eastbound88?
  108. Remove the cat logo from the ****ing nation icons
  109. Any rule against posting in your won topic to keep it up on top??
  110. what happened to the reputation tab?
  111. Why can't I reply to a private message?
  112. Like the update layout?
  113. change the name to aznexpats.com
  114. Too Many Smilies?
  115. Who's the best mod?
  116. Have you recognized, girls get more and often reputation points than guys? Why?
  117. What do you look for in a mod?
  118. Is there a section for people to post anonymously their troubles and ask for advice??
  119. Did someone enable a double click feature?
  120. The meaning of the word "trolling"
  121. How do I write math equations.
  122. 216 guests?
  123. Is it possible to change "reputation" into "karma"? It would be more Asian like
  124. Is it possible not to ban trolls?
  125. weird buggy text processing
  126. performance problems
  127. Is it possible to make an ignore button?
  128. Multiple quotes
  129. The view on this site is poorly designed
  130. Why did my topic on the Korean language get deleted?
  131. The ethnicity sections aren't coherent.
  132. How to increase the participation in the rep system
  133. Malware detected message on Chrome
  134. How do you timestamp and embeded youtube video on eastbound88?
  135. We should start an eastbound IM chat
  136. @ Yer, InitialDJay: Why did you created this forum?
  137. What do you actually do to attract more people here?
  138. new option: attach files option
  139. New EB88 logo!
  140. Chess Tournaments
  141. Subforums in the Religion/Philosophy section?
  142. Who wants to play chess with me?
  143. My thread on foreign sexual conquest in Japan moved to spam box. Why?
  144. mods deleting threads for no reason
  145. To MrC, why is the thread on Sodomy and Islam on an Arab TV deleted?
  146. Petition to ban Chutzpah??
  147. Why No Hinduism ,Jainism,Sikhism,Druze,Shamanism religion subforum ?
  148. Report Moderators for abusive behavior
  149. section where we can see all the new threads on the site
  150. help
  151. google search does not recognize eastbound88.com?
  152. Internet bullies profuse here
  153. How can I post articles about my own country to Eastbound's Front Page?
  154. New eastbound logo is ugly as ****
  155. picture threads should have a max of 5 posts per pages
  156. wow the new logo is ****ing ugly
  157. Suggestion for the logo
  158. Could someone explain the new logo for me?
  159. eastancestry.com is the same as eastbound88.com?
  160. Why can I not put a mod on the ingnore list?
  161. LMFAO Icon Hard to Click
  162. What special powers do mods have?
  163. MrC is at it again
  164. Should we get a better logo?
  165. The new layout is ultra annoying
  166. option to minimize the right hand side bar by default
  167. logo idea
  168. Why is there an Amazon store?
  169. Can we get rid of the facebook banners and the things on the side?
  170. Is it possible to add Four wins in the gameroom?
  171. Sumpit abusing his mod powers
  172. should mods be able to delete replies just because they don't agree with us?
  173. Why was I banned?
  174. Something wrong with Religions and Philosophy sub-forums
  175. how is that racist?
  176. the right hand side bar
  177. Appealing infraction
  178. Why is my name in the tag cloud?
  179. How come some members have a "+" behind their nicks?
  180. Is it possible to deactivate skimlinks when you're logged in?
  181. Option to delete posts on your own wall and friend's wall
  182. Site Keeps Crashing
  183. Internal Server Error?
  184. What in flipping bananas is this?!
  185. Google Ads So Annoying on this site
  186. Expanding, improving, etc
  187. Sumpit abusing his mod powers..again
  188. Eastbound88 is pro China Pro Chinese Communist Party
  189. Why is the panda mascot blue?
  190. Avatar upload problem?
  191. How to donate to Eastbound88 Anonymously?
  192. Tongan/Samoan/Hawaiian/Polynesian Forum?
  193. Dear Moderator Luna
  194. Pick the best topic
  195. Fill me in on the last year
  196. I'm going to promote this forum in AsianFanatics
  197. Why does Singapore get a forum but Taiwan doesn't?
  198. list of forums I recommend
  199. Why do you let this happen?
  200. Third infraction given to me by same Chinese Mod for no obvious reason
  201. Panda icon is too sinocentric
  202. About my Reports on Wholegrain Spam Threads
  203. thumbs up
  204. Word of advise for the moderators
  205. Chat Box Access Gone Why?
  206. Diplomatic Immunity for Viet posters in Viet forum
  207. Signature size
  208. Enjoy the snow? Game for holiday.
  209. remove shatter glass sounds?
  210. rep down
  211. Spamming in Viet Chat by Chinese
  212. Rep pts for creating a hot thread
  213. How come i got an infraction for this?
  214. Why was my thread Deleted? What is the reason for this? What did I do?
  215. I'd like to move on from old conflicts
  216. when you click to reply to the thread
  217. Are you happy with the way things are going in this forum?
  218. Appeal infraction 2
  219. Admin please.... give some serious thought
  220. Change that logo with a scarecrow
  221. How do you reset the polls?
  222. Dear Mods and Admins
  223. How to use Multi-Quote in a post?
  224. The use of Rape Jokes and the Trivialisation of Rape in this Forum
  225. what's the search algorithm used on this site?
  226. Change name.
  227. Can we add the ability to thank posts?
  228. multiple chatrooms?
  229. adding more than just one pic in the sig
  230. Who is the user "Private" from whom I always get thumps ups/ downs?
  231. The roulette wheel is broken!
  232. Double login
  233. Block Member
  234. What's the media section?
  235. How do I freeze my account?
  236. this site hates batteries?
  237. paragon system
  238. Why is sailorneptune a mod?
  239. Can we have our genders located beneath our avatars?
  240. Tagging Members In Threads/Posts
  241. Is it possible to hide a thread from someone?
  242. How come 80% of mods are female while we we only got 20% female members?
  243. EB88 Conspiracy. And we demand answers.
  244. Private Message Inbox Storage
  245. Possible Bug?
  246. Spokesman
  247. Why no Sub-Forums in Chinese, Filipino ,Cambodian etc forum?
  248. so when are we gonna change the damn logo?
  249. wow the logo on the main page is ****ing awful
  250. What happened to the chat?