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  1. Financial derivatives according to Andrew Sheng
  2. YouTube, Actions and Consequences
  3. Do you guys remember James Kim?
  4. Free choice: Schools for rich & schools for poor
  5. Discovery - First Time Machine
  6. The Stem Cell Conspiracy
  7. General Discussion Rules:Update 10.14.13
  8. Are these people human?
  9. The Sun and White Skin
  10. What's goin on with Asiafinest
  11. Police state coming near you
  12. How do you stop those pesky teleprompters from annoying you?
  13. Calling for reinforcement
  14. Mmmmm Delicious
  15. Rock Paper Scissors
  16. Lebron James Bar tab
  17. White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won't Go Away
  18. Best AF thread
  19. Best girlfriend ever
  20. Dude gets caught masturbating
  21. All men think alike
  22. What does - pending transactions - mean?
  23. Funniest Quotes Ever
  24. Kony 2012 filmmaker detain for masturbating in public
  25. Is this a some sort of scam?
  26. Why sex robots are superior to women
  27. Rock, Paper, Balls
  28. Why is this video still up?
  29. what is a good leader?
  30. Children whose minds wander 'have sharper brains'
  31. The Go-Nowhere Generation
  32. Are boomers the worst of humans?
  33. Race and Intelligence debate -- RUSHTON VS SUZUKI
  34. Fold a T-shirt in two seconds!1
  35. Can you solve this
  36. I bet anyone can do high school in 1 year
  37. Most racist video ever
  38. Sibling Geniuses
  39. Did anyone notice that Google spies on you?
  40. This guy looks dumber than me, but he is infinitely smarter than me
  41. The fact that the Onions delivers better content than CNN shows how low America has
  42. Why are White supremacists so delusional?
  44. Feminists seek legislation over sex bots
  45. Why men are in trouble
  46. How much reputation pts do you have?
  47. What's your favorite manga?
  48. Do you find anything weird about this bridge?
  49. This is funny!
  50. A winter that wasn't
  51. This is why WW3 is unavoidable
  52. Best way to punish bankers
  53. US campaign to shock smokers into quitting
  54. You guys have any idea why some White supremacists
  55. asiafinest
  56. I finally realized how scammer operate
  57. Titanoboa
  58. Any interesting sweepstake on the net?
  59. Is Ben mad?
  60. Who makes the best thread?
  61. Depressed Over Anti-Depressants
  62. generous men
  63. What do you think of Koreansentry?
  64. Kenneth Eng
  65. Freestajlo Guy: How is your opinion?
  66. Sniper prank
  67. Girl, 14, has 100-year-old body
  68. worst thing ever
  69. why are their tears coming from my eyes ???
  70. Some people are an embarassment to living beings
  71. Conspiracy of silence
  72. MONSANTO IS THE DEVIL (documentary)
  73. The funniest quote ever
  74. Hellsounds from Siberia
  75. Holocaust Hoax Exposed - Herman Rosenblat
  76. women fell into lake michigan while texting
  77. Is Lady Gaga an Illuminati puppet?
  78. Should Racism Be Called a Mental Illness?
  79. Pepsi Using aborted fetus cells in flavor research
  80. What are the most unusual thing you do?
  81. Proof that American moguls are racist
  82. Speak as eloquently as you can
  83. who has the most interesting blog?
  84. I hate the Canadian customs
  85. Who was the funniest AFer?
  86. Funny Jokes and Stories
  87. Assessing the MiG29 - It's the ultimate Dog Fighter.
  88. Worst insult to KPOP ever LOL
  89. Australian crocodiles have world's fiercest jaws
  90. Smithsonia recreates world's biggest snake - a 48-foot monster
  91. Shampoo ad using Hitler’s image sparks outrage, calls for removal
  92. Russian man at vodka party runs out of snacks, kills and eats friend, sells leftovers
  93. 17 years in prison, 0$ in compensation
  94. Forget Filling Cavities: Regrow Your Teeth Instead
  95. The baby boomers have stolen the family silver - IQ2 debates
  96. To all the guys with girls as their screensaver/wallpaper
  97. Controversy over Jenny Hyun raises important issues for asians.
  98. Harvard Professor wants to annihilate the White Race
  99. Eating Placenta: Is New Trend, Popularized by Hollywood Mom January Jones, Others, Sa
  100. NYC Bans Halloween, Birthdays, Aliens and More on School Tests
  101. Coincidence?
  102. South Park Replaces Ron Paul with a talking cat; possible subtle commentary?
  103. Why do people hate Justin Bieber?
  104. College Conspiracy Scam in USA [HD] Full Version - Google search: 'John Taylor Gatto'
  105. The Official Survival Guide to Taking A Dump at Work
  106. Anonymous: Revolution 2012
  107. Anonymous Threatens the Internet With "Operation Blackout"
  108. Arkansas Supreme Court overturns teacher-sex law
  109. US Lottery Jackpot
  110. Lotto Winner Who Accidentally Gave Away Ticket Claims Man Pressured and Confused Her
  111. The Global Average Salary Is $18,000/Year
  112. Sarah Jones, Bengals cheerleader, indicted for having sex with student
  113. 13-Year-Old Boy Shot His Mother Dead After Trying To Rape Her!
  114. Kremlin Secret Files: Magic pills for Soviet leaders
  115. The 15 Most Brutal Methods of Execution of All Time
  116. At 98, Once-Illiterate Lobsterman Is an Author
  117. what have you done to prepare for future anarchy?
  118. Cultural Differences In Judging Character
  119. Arlen Specter on Palin: ‘She Radiated Sensuality’
  120. Do you find this hilarious?
  121. Trayvon Martin’s Father is a Freemason
  122. 911 was a false flag
  123. Star Wars - doesn't like asians but stil uses them like the rest of society.
  124. Morphological differences in the faces of different races
  125. 'Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture.'
  126. World Autism Day: Raising awareness about a growing disorder
  127. Ireland's Catholic Church probing why priest showed parents a slideshow of gay porn
  128. What the fizz? o_o
  129. No More Freedom in America (watch out Aerain)
  130. Biggest bubble of the history of mankind.
  131. ‘World Happiness Report’ ranks Canada fifth happiest nation in the world
  132. Smaller Jaws = more evolved
  133. Onyango Obama President's Uncle Gets Driver's License Back After Drunk Driving Arrest
  134. Today Now! Host Undergoes Horrifically Painful Surgery Live On Air
  135. New Definition of Autism Proposed
  136. My Mexican-ness compromised....
  137. Amusing overweight animals
  138. Blondie chick says she is "too pretty", difficult for her
  139. Will racism/prejudices ever disapear?
  140. Barack Obama Unmasked - Must See Photo!
  141. Philosophers propose to modify human beings to be more eco-friendly
  142. racial differences in health
  143. Why don't black Americans swim?
  144. America's Serial Killers: Portiats in Evil Episode 5
  145. Do you know anyone that has a nelson box?
  146. What color are you?
  147. Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying
  148. Acupuncture for Pets Now
  149. Filmed in Prison: Inmates make award-winning movie
  150. Angry ex-girlfriend goes ballistic, rips off man’s scrotum
  151. What's your worst fear
  152. Best Children's Book Ever
  153. What's the most messed up prank you've ever done to someone?
  154. Light eye map
  155. What's the smartest things you've said?
  156. How the 1% is able to screw with the rest of us
  157. NY attorney gen. shuts down 3,500 online gaming accounts of registered sex offenders
  158. Skull of alien/human hybrid found in south america
  159. What's your biggest dream?
  160. Link found between assburger and obesity
  161. The globalists have kept us from having kids
  162. Being Ignored Feels Just as Bad Online
  163. British Boy Finds Live Hand Grenade on Easter Egg Hunt
  164. Most awkward thing that ever happened to you?
  165. What's her ethnicity?
  166. Are All Addictions Alike?
  167. David Suzuki compares humans to maggots
  168. Total Breakdown: Raging gynecologist trashes car shop (CCTV)
  169. Review on Virgin Australia Airline international.
  170. 10 year old columbian girl gives birth
  171. Chip-eating man saves the world
  172. Will million dollar salaries ever become the typical average income?
  173. What would you be willing to do to earn 20 million a year?
  174. Sports fans & Violence
  175. How is racism different from other forms of discrimination?
  176. The Church of Satan
  177. Someone give this kid a job as an engineer
  178. Understanding: Odds of Winning the Lottery
  179. Goldberg on how to become millionaire in 5 years
  180. How a dumb short-sighted kid ended up in prison
  181. Who are the top 3 persons with the worst taste in women on Eastbound?
  182. What's the thing you're the most proud of?
  183. Pwned
  184. Funniest Eastbound quotes
  185. What would do if you were to become GOD?
  186. Your opinon of MewTwo - Was he the greatest and most sensible Pokemon to have lived?
  187. If you were given 20 million $ to start a business what would it be?
  188. Write a statement and tell us on a scale of 1 to 9 how much you agree with the last 1
  189. Give the best LIFE ADVICE you can think of
  190. Never Outshine the Master
  191. Pushing the red button
  192. What would you do if you were KIM JONG UN?
  193. I'm really stumped by this paradox
  194. What would you do if you were homeless?
  195. Why the Jews Are Hated by Dr William Pierce
  196. European Racism in Football
  197. Does the internet make people dumber?
  198. Nadeem Hussain jailed for ten months after using vehicle 'like a weapon'
  199. What would you do for 10 million dollars?
  200. Stuff I Wanna Ask God When I Die and Go to Heaven?
  201. John Derbyshire: Did he deserve to get fired?
  202. Why most "pedophiles" aren't really pedophiles, technically speaking
  203. AF is now dead!
  204. Discipline
  205. Secret Service agents in Colombia prostitution scandal
  206. Why Men Like Porn?Men and Pornography: The Evolutionary Link
  207. What if you were stranded on an island with a hot woman?
  208. Someone pulls a gun and threatens you what do you do?
  209. How to be funny?
  210. If you had to send everyone to Hell to become God would you do it?
  211. Sound bites that are stuck in your head
  212. Thinking and race
  213. I want to write a novel.
  214. WHat kind of drunk are you?
  215. International flights booking
  216. do you pick your nose (be honest)?
  217. Take the aspergers test
  218. The law in your own hands
  219. What if you were suffering from inhuman pain and loved ones just stood there crying?
  220. First Ever 626 Night Market in Southern California
  221. Racial differences
  222. 12-year-old strikes out 18 straight
  223. What personality type are you?
  224. Who is your favourite MOD!!! Can choose ONLY 1!!!!
  225. Jewish tycoon buys Burger King for $1.4B
  226. How do you motivate yourself when....
  227. My dog just got stung by a bee.
  228. Who wants to be my blood brother?
  229. We need to find a way to recruit more people on this forum.
  230. Thinking about moving to Vancouver.
  231. Weirdest tollpass
  232. McDonald's Worker Caught Spitting In Customer's Drinks
  233. How many languages do you speak?
  234. National iq test
  235. Best prank ever
  236. Our last effort to get remaining AF members here
  237. Does it take intelligence to be funny?
  238. LOL my nephews did a remix to Drew Deezy- hard in the paint
  239. What Time Period Are You Belong In?
  240. Take and Share Quizzes here when ur bored!!
  241. Which standardized iq test to take?
  242. The Illusion of Choice
  243. Inherited Memories in Organ Transplant Recipients
  244. Arguing with females (Video)
  245. A cat born with his legs on backwards
  246. MIT students destroy piano to mark a key moment
  247. How to get rid of American Accent?!
  248. Google Zerg Rush
  249. What is the "Vibe Score" for where you live now?
  250. Debating