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  1. Eastern and Oriental Express
  2. 18-year-old Actress in critical condition after acid attack in Pakistan
  3. 2 dead in Pakistan after suicide bomber's explosives go off prematurely
  4. Pakistani girls, killed along with their mother for making video Dancing in The Rain
  5. Girl’s body removed from grave with intent to rape: Police
  6. Osama Bin Laden wore cowboy hat ‘to avoid detection’: Pakistani report
  7. Pakistan: Violations against Christians Soar
  8. Indus Valley Civilization
  9. Pakistan: Who wants to win a baby? Ramadan Baby giveaway
  10. Five-year-old girl brutally raped in Pakistan: police
  11. wrong section
  12. Suicide bombers kill 77 and wounded more than 120 at Pakistan church
  13. AIB365: It's Your Fault
  14. Malala says she's no Western puppet
  15. The New India
  16. Pakistani Girl, 13, 'Buried Alive After Rape Survives By Crawling Through Muddy Grave
  17. Is Burqa used by Muslim women is the Scariest Halloween Costume?Bangladeshi Writer
  18. US Media Defames India with Fake ‘Assam Rape Fest’ Story'
  19. Pakistan: Daughter Sexually Assaulted By Father Is Honor Killed By Her Brother
  20. Bangladesh: Genocide Now, Taliban Soon
  21. 56 Pakistan women killed in 2013 for giving birth to girls
  22. Pakistan:2 young scheduled caste Hindu women were raped by Muslim landlords
  23. Pakistani Mob Kills Man After Fruit Found Wrapped In Koran Pages
  25. Google Ad that transcends the Partition
  26. Woman murdered for bearing six daughters
  27. Maldives president vetoes marital rape bill as ‘un-Islamic'
  28. Don't pick up Quran in Pakistan, it could be a bomb
  29. Acid Attack Victim Wins Indian Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  30. Porn cinema attack kills 13 in Pakistan
  31. Embrace Islam or die! Pakistani Taliban threaten Kalash tribe, Ismailis in Chitral
  32. indian, and light skin
  33. What steps is India is taking to reduce their pollution?
  34. Pakistani couple stoned to death for adultery; six arrested
  35. Pakistan new polio strain threatens global campaign against disease
  36. Russian tourist left with horrific injuries by Indian mob who attacked him after he u
  37. Amina Bibi,17,Pakistan Rape Victim,Dies After Self-Immolation Protest,accused release
  38. Pakistani militant Accidently Blows Up His Own Family....including a child
  39. Pakistan woman kills 2 minor daughters age 2 and 4 to save them from prostitution
  40. Pakistani Christian Sawan Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy Against Prophet Muhammad
  41. Baby clasping his bottle appears in court accused of planning murder in Pakistan
  42. Indian Headshaking Explained
  43. Pakistan: Muslims gang-rape seven-year-old Christian girl, kidnap her father to stop
  44. Hindus, other religious minorities face surge of violence
  45. Human Safari: Andaman Island Tourism
  46. Pregnant Muslim woman STONED to death by her family for marrying the man she loved F
  47. Doctors re-attach hand of suspected thief
  48. Hindu Mob Kills Innocent Muslim
  49. Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for Karachi airport attack; 28 dead
  50. Hindu Minister: Rape is 'Sometimes' Wrong, and Sometimes 'Right'
  51. Cop arrested in Swat for chopping off 17-year-old wife’s nose
  52. Indian universities not in BRICS top 10 ranking
  53. Life of A Nepalese Hindu Goddess: Pre-teen Problems
  54. Afghan singer shot dead in Peshawar in string of attacks on female artists
  55. Pakistani woman, 20, is gang-raped, killed and hanged from a tree
  56. Bollywood action movie clip
  57. 18 Bollywood movie posters "inspired" from Hollywood
  58. India Hockey Team reaches Final
  59. 20,000 march in Kolkata,India in show of support for Israel
  60. India shooter Tara Sahdev refuses to convert to Islam;husband unleashes dogs on her
  61. Best Indian curry?
  62. The Maratha Empire
  63. People's still poop in the street in India?
  64. Indian PM Modi’s impressive U.S visit
  65. Iranian historical movies / dramas?
  66. Asian Games: Indian Men win Hockey Gold
  67. The tallest building in Myanmar
  68. Street Littering in India
  69. Indian jihadist group calls for attacks on non Muslims
  70. Afghanistan: Imam of mosque kills himself and his mother with his own explosives
  71. The Maurya Empire
  72. Afghan Mullah Rapist Tried to Have 10 years old Victim Lashed under Sharia jailed
  73. Etymology of "Myan Mar" (Burma)?
  74. "Nay Pyi Daw", capital of Myanmar.
  75. Jihad suicide bomber at India/Pakistan border murders over 50
  76. Christian couple killed for 'desecrating Koran' in Pakistan
  77. Pakistan: Policeman uses axe to hack to death a man accused of blasphemy
  78. 2 Pakistani teens slit their mother and step-sisters' throats in 'honour killing'
  79. 2 month pregnant Woman made to parade naked for not working well in Pakistan
  80. Actress Veena Malik Sentenced to 26 Years in Jail for Blasphemous Dancing
  81. 6 Muslims in Pakistan tie up 16-yr old girl,take turns to raping her for 6 hours
  82. Muslim girls shouldn't wear short clothes, says attacker after slapping Gauhar Khan
  83. Controversy: Girls/Women Caught on Video Beating Men Supposed Sexual Harassers
  84. Modi's My Clean India: Just a Dream or A Good Step Forward?
  85. What These Muslims Did To A Pregnant Women,Miscarried After Muslim Brother Beating...
  86. Team India beat Netherlands and Belgium to reach Semi Finals
  87. Muslim Taliban slaughters 126 children in Peshawar school bloodbath
  88. Five Muslims arrested in India for kidnapping and gang rape of Japanese tourist
  89. Pakistan Muslim leader says Muhammad cartoons could lead to World War III
  90. How The Richest Indians Live
  91. Sacks of Skeletons Found in Indian Police Precinct
  92. Indian State Govt. Pays 800 USD for Intercaste Marriages
  93. The Price Sikh Women Paid for Not Accepting Islam
  94. Pictures of Sri Lanka
  95. How a Pakistani Muslim Became a Zionist
  96. Sumerian"Dravido-Altaic" language?
  97. Schoolgirls suffer horrific injuries after masked attacker throws ACID in their faces
  98. Bangladesh:Atheist writer Avijit Roy hacked to death after threats from Muslims
  99. Bangladesh Rape accused dragged out of jail, Thrashed to Death in Nagaland
  100. India: Muslim clerics’ fatwa forces cancellation of women’s soccer match
  101. Gunmen kill 2 female polio workers gave polio drops to children in Mansehra,Pakistan
  102. Tamil and Japanese—are they related? The hypothesis of Susumu Ohno
  103. Villages in India mourn loss of Lee Kuan Yew with heartfelt banners:You are our god
  104. India 7000 years of civilization!
  105. Pakistani Christians Slaughtered in Suicide-Jihad,genocidal attacks against Christian
  106. Pakistan eighth most dangerous country in the world: report
  107. Cobra Gypsies
  108. Dad in India names baby after Lee Kuan Yew
  109. Muslims Disappoint Allah By Failing To Burn Christian Youth Alive in Lahore,Pakistan
  110. Pakistan: Muslim husband murders wife for visiting her sister without permission
  111. India-Pakistan Wagah Border Closing Ritual
  112. nepali songs
  113. 'A girl is more responsible for rape than a boy': The statement that shocked the worl
  114. Attackers in Bangladesh beat 13-year-old boy to death for allegedly stealing van
  115. Pakistan stumbles upon its 'biggest' child abuse case
  116. Pakistan: Muslim family kills Christian son-in-law, shoots daughter who left Islam
  117. 600 Afghan Schoolgirls Poisoned by Gas
  118. Uttar Pradesh: Muslim village panchayat bans jeans, mobile phones for girls
  119. U.S. Soldiers Told To Ignore Rape of Boys Because It's "Afghan Culture"
  120. You will not be safe in Muslim lands ISIS warns Britons after Italian shot in Bangla
  121. Songs, dances etrc. from South Asia that you think are cool
  122. India: Muslim kills 4-year-old daughter for forgetting to cover her head while eating
  123. India protests to Saudi after maid's hand chopped off
  124. Muslim mob beats woman who wants end mass slaughter animal sacrifice for Eid festival
  125. Earthquake a ‘warning from Allah’:seminaries body,140 killed in Pakistan as 7.5-mag
  126. Afghan Brides Face Death if They Fail Virginity Tests
  127. Kingdom of Bhutan (Druk Yul) cuisines
  128. Bangladesh: Muslims set off bombs in Hindu temple, shoot at people fleeing
  129. India: Muslim blames 4-yr old for sexual assault
  130. Afghan woman has nose cut off by husband,later took a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD as a second wife
  131. Bangladesh:Muslims with pistols and meat cleavers behead l Hindu priest inside temple
  132. Woman 'is raped in her hospital bed just hours after giving birth in India'
  133. 14-year-old girl in India shot dead after resisting sexual advances of bikers
  134. Pakistan: Muslim who previously murdered his mother shoots his two sisters dead in ho
  135. 2 week-old baby killed as mother gang raped on bus in India
  136. Pakistan: Muslim murders 53 at park as Christians were celebrating Easter
  137. 10 militants blown up while making an IED inside a mosque in Ghazni ,Afghanistan
  138. Pakistan: Christian teen lynched for flirting with Muslim girl
  139. Man stabs 16 old sister to death in Pakistan’ because she using a mobile phone
  140. Pakistan girl 17 old,killed, burnt for helping couple to elope
  141. 11 old Hindu Boy allegedly Raped, Murdered in a swimming pool by Muslim in Pakistan
  142. Muslim feminist 'waited til 29 to have sex and is making up for lost time'
  143. Bangladesh: Muslims hack Buddhist monk to death inside temple
  144. Hindu teacher in Bangladesh,made to do sit-ups by holding ears for 'insulting Islam
  145. Islamic State to India: “Either accept Islam, pay jizya or prepare to be slaughtered”
  146. Vadodara locality to the civic body:Don’t let Muslims here,peaceful without Muslim
  147. Bangladesh:Muslims brutally slaughter 70 old Hindu priest,leave his head nearly sever
  148. India: Muslims riot, attack police, torch bus and building over rumor of torn Qur’an
  149. Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims hack Hindu priest to death at temple
  150. Islamists kill TWENTY foreigners in Bangladesh
  151. 'We came here to kill the non-Muslims,' gunmen told Bangladesh hostages
  152. Muslim woman shot in the throat by her brother after rejecting arranged marriage surv
  153. ‘I fight for Allah, I am a terrorist’: Kerala’s missing youngster’s message to family
  154. Muslims chop off Christian’s arms after he refuses to convert to Islam
  155. Muslim porn star performing in traditional Islamic dress refuses to quit adult films
  156. Pakistani Kalash tribe that loves wine and whiskey fears its Muslim neighbors
  157. Jihad attack on American University in Afghanistan
  158. Chandragupta of the Mauryan Empire was a Mongoloid Man
  159. Bangladesh: Muslims attack Hare Krishna temple, injure seven for singing
  160. Pakistan: Muslim leader calls for jihad against India, vows its “destruction”
  161. India-Myanmar-Thailand Tri-lateral Highway project
  162. Pakistan jihad terrorists training Rohingya jihadis in Bangladesh
  163. 15 Hindu temples in Bangladesh vandalised following 'anti-Islam' post
  164. Indian businesses claims 60% dip in sales of Chinese goods this Diwali
  165. Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History
  166. India is the land of ancient wisdom, says His Holiness The Dalai Lama
  167. Persian movie: "Children of Heaven" (1997), a touching movie from Iran
  168. Pakistan:Muslims kidnap Christian,Hindu underage girls,force them to convert to Islam
  169. 'I escaped death by reciting from the Koran' saying: 'For Allah's sake, don't kill me
  170. 18 Most Memorable South Asian Feminist Moments of 2014
  171. MARD :)
  172. Muslim man sends 10-year-old boy on errand while he rapes his 3-year-old sister
  173. Hazara Girls In Wushu Martial Arts
  174. Afghan bride sold for 30 goats executed for non-performance
  175. Pakistani army supports anti-India jihad groups
  176. Bengaluru:Muslim girl trolled for singing Hindu devotional song in singing reality s
  177. Throw stones at security forces for Islam' Police and the Indian Army as "kafirs
  178. Squall Leonhart make the south asian your territory!!
  179. 'Last Jew In Pakistan' Allowed To Profess His Religion,change from Islam to Judaism
  180. Cuisine of Pakistan
  181. ‘Convert to Islam or face murder conviction’ prosecutor tells 42 Christians
  182. Kashmiri 'stone-pelters' admit to being paid for throwing stone Molotovs at Indian
  183. Koeran exporting k-9 self-propelled artillery to India
  184. Samsung India Service (SVC) – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are. #SamsungServi
  185. 'Mowgli girl' who walks on all fours is found living in India living with monkey
  186. Christian man tortured in Pakistan for 'befriending' Muslim woman
  187. Want to embrace Hinduism if given a chance, says Muslim woman attacked with acid afte
  188. History of South Asia
  189. Pakistan Girl killed by brother for “HONOR” after she was FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION
  190. A hospital in Lahore is forcing Christian paramedics to recite verses from the Quran
  191. Vesak / Waisak Day: Celebrating the life of Buddha
  192. Muslim teen girl beaten and shot in face by her father and brother in attempted honor
  193. Tortured Sri Lankan Muslim Child Marriage Victim Dies, Police Soft-Pedals Capture Of
  194. Woman,19,sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after she was'raped at gunpoint
  195. Ramadan in India: Two Muslims arrested for rape and murder of Hindu teacher
  196. Muslim doctors' refusal to treat 'filthy Christian' during Ramadan leads to death
  197. Ramadan isn’t over yet: 15 dead, 70 wounded in jihad bombings in Pakistan market
  198. Upset over attitude of hardliners, Muslim family embraces Hinduism in Bihar
  199. Christian 3-Year-Old Baby Girl RAPED by Muslim Neighbour in Pakistan
  200. Chinese and Indian troops face off in Bhutan border dispute
  201. Jammu and Kashmir: Muslims attack Hindus on pilgrimage, murdering seven
  202. Irfan Pathan trolled for posting ‘un-Islamic’ image with wife
  203. Pakistani police arrest 20 for ordering 'revenge rape'
  204. Indian army would be no match for China if Doklam border row erupts
  205. Swiss couple are brutally beaten by gang near Taj Mahal
  206. Donald Trump Backs 'Leadership Role' For India, Has Strong Message For China, Pak
  207. India Launches ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense as China and Pakistan Join Forces
  208. Australia team bus ATTACKED in India in 2nd security scare as cricketers duck for
  209. Article: India Launches ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense as China and Pakistan Join Forces
  210. India’s gay sex ban could be axed, judges reveal
  211. Rapes are part of our society, says Indian DG Police
  212. Article: Rapes are part of our society, says Indian DG Police
  213. Indian investigators arrest three over bank fraud
  214. China dares India again as PLA builds camps, houses along Arunachal border
  215. Article: China dares India again as PLA builds camps, houses along Arunachal border
  216. Bollywood star Salman Khan sentenced to five years for killing antelopes
  217. Article: Bollywood star Salman Khan sentenced to five years for killing antelopes