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  1. Hottest Asian women thread
  2. Where does the stereotype that Asians can't dance come from?
  3. Who said Chinese men can't be romantic?
  4. White men prefer Asian women
  5. East Asian think holistically and Westerners think analytically
  6. Most intelligent people are Asians--Businessweek
  7. Are Asian women the only ones who can act cute?
  8. Student claims Harvard, Princeton discriminate against Asian-Americans
  9. Blatant Japanese false advertising
  10. It's me or Japanese women have like the most beautiful and feminine voice?
  11. Exam cheating technology in japan
  12. asiaphile girls: do make your skin crawl?
  13. Asians dominate US piano competition
  14. 78% of Asian TRAs Considered Themselves White
  15. It's me or Asian males on youtube are retarded and Asian female are like normal?
  16. Korean man marries with a pillow
  17. Where do self-hating Asian females actually live?
  18. Overseas Asians should aim for something like Kalmykia.
  19. Can you tell Asians apart?
  20. Can you tell Asians apart [Test]
  21. Are you a tetraphobic Asian?
  22. Why do so many Chinese here like the words "East Asian"?
  23. Biological Differences: Asians & Caucasians
  24. East-Asian comparison with Europe.
  25. Colleges resist Asian Americans' success
  26. When Asian guys speak European language vs When White guys speak Asian language
  27. Why are Japanese commercials much better than Western crap?
  28. Name some stupid things Asians do
  29. Write your own definition of MONGOLOID! LOL
  30. Are these lyrics racist?
  31. Countries that use or have used Chinese characters
  32. Why are Asian men more prone to cry in public?
  33. Asians in the West vs. Asians from Asia.
  34. Are Asians less creative than Whites?
  35. Asian Discriminated the most but feel discriminated against the least?
  36. Do asians really have a yellow skin color?
  37. Asian people in Scottish Kilts
  38. East Asia, NE Asia, and SE Asia
  39. racist commercials
  40. Are Asians the most ethnocentric?
  41. why so many Asian Americans on youtube?
  42. University of Billion Chinese
  43. Asian Male Stereotype (Video)
  44. Who has the better life, Asian men or Asian women?
  45. Did Ashton Kutcher offend Indian-Americans?
  46. Mongoloids and their names. Why do Mongs always have white names?
  47. Do You Plan to Return and Serve for Your Country?
  48. The marginalisation of asians even in asian games (MAPLESTORY)
  49. Asian women eggs
  50. Post Your Asian Hero
  51. Racist Asians hating Blacks? Black guy rants about Asians
  52. The mindset that permanently distinguishes asian culture from the west
  53. What Is Meaning of Your Asian Name?
  54. Scary Korean ghost story
  55. Asians and handball
  56. Will Asians dominate every sport one day?
  57. Asians control the world now
  58. dictator( the movie) is an insult to Chinese( or Asian)
  59. Is the end of the Afghan war bad or good for Asia?
  60. What city/province in Asia were your grandparents from?
  61. What are some Asian towns or cities that have low costs of living?
  62. have u guys noticed how white sales assistants treat Asians lately?
  63. Is there a rise in Interasian Influence?
  64. Asian father abandon daughter over bad math grade
  65. Historical Asian Strongmen
  66. Post your Asian last name
  67. why are Asian ghosts never sexy?
  68. Organizing The Overseas Communities
  69. Population Map of Asian Americans
  70. Can Asians open their eyes more than 3 cm?
  71. East Asians camera shy, smile less in Facebook photos?
  72. Canada prepares for an Asian future
  73. Funniest Asian Ethnicity
  74. Best Non-Asian place for Asians to Live
  75. Asian Christian Claims 2pac will come back!
  76. First Asian American Soap/Drama?
  77. History of Asians in the Pacific Northwest
  78. A comparison of Asian languages
  79. do u get along with the Asians in your town?
  80. Why are Asians so good at math?
  81. Asian Males on So You Think You Can Dance
  82. 'Attacked for being Asian'
  83. Are you sinodont or sundadont?
  84. Can a Westerner Think Like an East Asian?
  85. Are Asian people not offended by sexism?
  86. Asians in UFC 148: Cung Le and Dong Hyun Kim
  87. You Know You Are Asian If...
  88. Homeless Asian American youngsters
  89. what do Asian Americans think about PhD-students?
  90. Asians Have Tails! (HAL TURNER)
  91. Why Asians love European dogs?
  92. why are asians so humble?
  93. Black racism against Koreans
  94. Observations of Asian women preferences surveying profiles at Match.com in the Bay.
  95. Black Men Show No Respect for Asian Women, Call them Yellow Cabs
  96. Why do US raised Korean women marry out so much?
  97. Asians are ancestor of dinosovans
  98. Kia builds a transformer robot
  99. Why do Asians spend so much money on popular Western Brands?
  100. asians with facial freckles?
  101. Japanese master race builds Gundam
  102. Bye Bye Chicago!
  103. More Scholarships for Asian Americans Needed
  104. Somewhere In Between
  105. Full Asians who look better than Hapa's
  106. Comparing testosterone levels between Asians and other races
  107. White Adoption of Asian babies: Worst type of violence?
  108. Normal White People Sabatoging Non-Whites at Work
  109. What Zodiac Animal were you Born Under?
  110. Why I Have Been Made to Feel Ashamed of Liking Asian Men
  111. Genocide of Asian Males
  112. Best asian companies
  113. Guess their ethnicities or country of origin
  114. Would asia men one day be playing this real men game?
  115. It's me or most Europeans talking about Asians know nothing about Asians?
  116. What's so great about Ganham style?
  117. guess these guy's ethnicity
  118. Any other Asian countries like this in Vietnam???( Korean pop influence)
  119. Disease similar to AIDS tagets only asians
  120. Asian guy punches racist comedian
  121. ┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪ GANGNAM STYLE ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪
  122. What is your opinion regarding Westerners in Asia and Multicuturalism?
  123. how to fake asian languages
  124. guess their ethnicities
  125. guess these pretty girls ethnicity
  126. could they pass for SEAsian
  127. I am done with this bullshit.
  128. Northern Europeans 10% Northeast Asian
  129. UK whites call Indians and Chinese "Coolie", is it racist?
  130. Which Asian ethnicity has the smallest nose?
  131. asian clothings
  132. Are whites losing the race war?
  133. Hollister Models Mock Asians At Opening Of South Korea Store
  134. Vietnamese contestant, Jason Viet Tien on X Factor UK
  135. A Korean-American customer has sued a Hooters restaurant in Queens for racial discrim
  136. Southeast Asian Federation
  137. Could it be....
  138. Integrity and Honor in Business Relations
  139. 'China may start territorial war' - US
  140. Filipino girl steps up to karaoke machine in mall, floors everyone
  141. (Burma) 2 year old cries over mother's body on street
  142. Jude Law is Part Chinese? wtf
  143. Asian Expansion Theory
  144. What about you is typical Asian and what socialist by your current society?
  145. Why Asians Need to Unify NOW!
  146. Asian Teacher
  147. Your Country's Superstitious and Black Magic
  148. Bilingualism/Multilingualism and Thought Process
  149. British man guy killed by his thai wife
  150. Official Online Asian Strategy Game. Please log in and play with us.
  151. Racist Argentinians mock Asians!
  152. let's play guess the girl's ethnicity!
  153. Can Asian people grow a beard like that?
  154. guess the ethnicity of these gals
  155. What is the best way to permantly relocate to an Asian country?
  156. Do Asians have faster metabolism?
  157. Privacy and Asian Cultures
  158. What Your Native Tongue Call Other Nationalities
  159. Why Asian Ghost Money Look like US Dollars?
  160. are asians less diverse?
  161. Dwight meets Asian Jim
  162. Late Night Snacking with David Chang
  163. Why are Asians obsessed with making war films about Asians fighting other Asians?
  164. Why are some white people obsessed with asian culture?
  165. Beautiful Androgyny males
  166. Would u convert to Christianity if Jesus appeared in front of you?
  167. Chinese woman killed man by hand crushing his testicles
  168. Austronesian - Distribution & Influence
  169. Which do you prefer? Culture vs Race
  170. How rare is Asian couple pairing in Asian ads?
  171. Mongols once ruled all the Hindus? Mughal (Mongol) Empire 1526-1857
  172. U can ride dragons?
  173. Taiwanese girls forget to put their pants on
  174. What do you think of people who backs the US military as the permanent sole superpowe
  175. MIT: so many asians
  176. Being real Chinese according to bbc.
  177. Should Asia form something like the EU?
  178. Should ethnic cuisines be only run by people of the corresponding ethnicity?
  179. We need more Asian teachers!
  180. White guy busted for Korean brothel
  181. Asian chimpout
  182. guess these guy's ethnicity
  183. We should welcome Pacific Islanders into the Southeast Asian Family
  184. Asian Prose, Poems & Quotes
  185. What things did you wish you knew, when you first moved to the West?
  186. How come Indians don't post here?
  187. WTF What language is this? even google translate failed
  188. Why do peopel keep creating topic such this....
  189. guess this gir's ethnicity
  190. White people in the real world.
  191. Why is James Bond Films (Skyfall) so Racist?
  192. Why Pandora makes you click "I'm still listening"?
  193. Muslims have the most original architecture
  194. Self-hating black men are 10x worst then self-hating Asian women
  195. jeremy lin is an average player
  196. The yellow man's syndrome
  197. Asian girls with tatoos
  198. HBO Directors Dialogue: Ang Lee
  199. AsiaTorrents.me has open for new registration!!!!
  200. I hate all asians
  201. celibate vampire chinese?
  202. How u greet a rebellious arab girl?
  203. Which Asian Group is Hairiest?
  204. Eastbound Caste System
  205. White people's museums
  206. do you sound gay speaking another language?
  207. Asian soldiers in nazi germany
  208. Guess their national origin
  209. Asian Girl's Guide to Dating
  210. Team IndoChina!
  211. Do you spend more shopping with friends?
  212. asian students win it
  213. China Scientist Confirmed Chinese People's Ancestors were Africans
  214. East Aryan is a true genius
  215. Tribe of Africans vs 1 Chinese Guy, Chinese guy won and worshipped as God
  216. people who hate you but can't get enough of you
  217. Is Steampunk white men's reliving glory past when blacks and asians their slaves?
  218. Why China won't completely colonize Africa?
  219. miss universe 2012 i national costumes- asians
  220. A restaurant named ASEAN
  221. Yo I'm half Moluccan/Australoid
  222. miss asean 2012
  223. How do you say "Mongoloid" in Asian languages?
  224. Asian-Americans speak out against Google app they call offensive
  225. Should Asian Americans form mainly Asian colleges?
  226. Why are women treated so badly in India?
  227. Consumption hit 50%
  228. Asian embarrased to have Asian name
  229. This is just pathetic.
  230. UN future HDI projections
  231. Prejudice at work against me, the only Asian?? :( Advices.
  232. Pete Rose and his Wife in Pete Rose: Hits And Mrs’
  233. Asian-looking woman scientist image rejected for $100 bills
  234. Genetic distance between subpopulations in Southeast Asia
  235. "Original" Asiatic population determined from Tianyuan remains(?)
  236. that`s what happens why you make small penis jokes silly white boy
  237. Europeans are a three-way mix, with a whopping 20-40% ancient North Asian ancestry
  238. What If WWII were truly a "race war"?
  239. Catholic Hell: Faith fails as sex abuse in church silenced
  240. What are your thoughts on Non-Asian "Mongoloids"?
  241. Duke Students Protest ‘Racist Rager’ Frat Party
  242. Asian Brawl Fight in Boston Garage
  243. Do you have dry earwax?
  244. Ethnic cleansing: East Asian doctors killed in Nigeria
  245. hey i found an actual white worshipping asian here
  246. Higher Levels of Neanderthal Ancestry in East Asians Than in Europeans
  247. Some White dude called me a ***** in public
  248. The mysterious death of Elisa Lam
  249. Food prejudices
  250. east asians and fries