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  1. Ragnarok: Spear of Odin about the guild

    Hey, guys don't forget to build a Guild and have its benefits. Once your level 20, you'll be able to create a Guild or join one, recruit friends and collegues and Donate to your guild and give love to the World tree to receive awesome daily rewards from your guild, upgrade your Guilds World Tree to get more daily Guild rewards and recruit more players to donate for the growth of your guild!!
  2. Answers to the Twice K-pop band challenge

    So which members were Japanese and Austronesian? Look at the letters above each member's heads to find out.

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  3. Ragnarok Spear of Odin Opens to SEA Players

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    Ragnarok Spear of Odin will be returning to the gaming world after being out of the limelight for quite sometime. I am one of the players that currently await its return as I'm a fan of Ragnarok Franchise.

    Based on the information over the internet, the game released its 1st CBT last February 2017 and was restricted to Singapore players only. I am glad to hear that the game will now be available to a wider range of Regions over the South East Asia ...
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  4. Ways to Choose a Great Car Transport Business

    For so many factors, you might consider having your car delivered to many locations. A few of the most significant consumers of automobile delivery are suppliers that need to relocate cars and trucks from one lot to the following, or to purchasing clients. Entrepreneur sometimes utilize car shipping services to removal solution autos to a branch in various community. Typically, car shipping customers are private parties relocating a cross country and do not have the time to own much, or they would ...
  5. filipinos 3rd wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by ashkenaz View Post
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    It's not that Filipinos are in total seclusion to the rest of Asia. Maybe I should word it better like this.

    Let's put it like this. Let's say that whatever inter-cultural clique Filipinos are involved with along other peoples and cultures in Asia Pacific, 100% of the time, Filipinos are always the THIRD WHEEL of any relationship they're in. Consider this.

    1. Filipinos have had ties with Indonesians and Malaysians, but those two peoples are MUCH more
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