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  1. Korea Vs. China Internet Flame War

    Before I came to Korea, I got the impression on websites like Youtube that Koreans were "Altaic Nazis" who preferred northern Mongoloids over southern Mongoloids and thus looked down on southern Chinese and Southeast Asians. It seems like some of them even claimed that Chinese who have small eyes and light skin were "Sinicized Manchus."

    I would see Koreans and Chinese insult each other all over the Internet. They seem to be arguing over a wide range of things from ...
  2. Expat Jobs in Vietnam

  3. Race Vs. Ethnicity Vs. Nationality

    I talk about this all the time so I will finally make a blog on it.

    Asians raised in the West are not the same as Asia Asians but they are not the same as non-Asian Westerners either.

    They belong to the third group - Westernized Mongoloids.

    For example, "Chinese" Americans and "Korean" Canadians have more in common with each other than with either China Chinese/Korea Koreans or with white/black/Latino Westerners.

    Assimilating ...

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    Hi This is Liza Magallanes (009717433771),I need your assistance for our requirements

    Urgent Needs for Vietnamese Housemaids

    Responsibilities include:
    vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping floors, also require cooking food preparation.
    Complete Routine cleaning tasks in assigned home areas
    Collect dirty and used clothes for scheduled laundry
    Empty waste bins, empty and clean/replace ashtrays, and dispose of all trash and waste items from rooms. ...
  5. Hands-Free Telecommunication, HFT

    HFT, a system that allows individuals in a space to communicate privately by creating thin rings of void around each of them in order to send audio input and audio output through input/output devices embedded on the roof of the space in question. The system uses a camera to allow the system to pinpoint users accurately in order to insure that audio input and output don't reach nor harm other individuals in the room.
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