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  1. Tungid vs Sinid

    [QUOTE=thewalrus;239153]Sinids are more gracile (built like high elves) whereas Tungids are more robust (built like Orcs).
    This is why there are hardly any Central Asian / Siberian models, divers or swimmers. They simply do not have the streamlined morphology.

    I imagine that Tungids would fare better in MMA competitions though, but probably fare worse in PISA scores

    High elf traits:
    Believe they are superior ...
  2. Self Hating Half-Asian: Karen Sakai Tells it Like It Is

    Half-Japanese half White American Karen Sakai tells the world what it's really like being a Hapa in America.

    Some paraphrased quotes from the video:

    Being Asian you have an exoticness about youself. You mix with Whites and you lose that exoticness.

    You're not one culture or another.

    When you are full Asian, people can distinguish you as being something. But when you're mixed, it's ruined, you don't know what they are. Is she Asian? Is ...
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  3. Average Attractiveness of Eurasian Peoples

    Although Eurasian peoples (the progeny of Europeans and Mongoloid Asians) are thought to be more attractive than the average Asian I will attest to the idea that Eurasians are incapable of reaching peak Mongoloid standards of beauty due to the undesirable nature of certain European genes.

    It is well known that Mongoloid Asians have the lowest natural levels of testosterone in both male and female which creates a more feminized appearance in comparison to other races. In particular, ...
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  4. Eurasian theory

    [QUOTE=Michelle Nguyen;233601]I don't like Eurasian Supreme Gentlemen. Especially the product of White males and Asian females.

    I have a theory about Eurasians: There is a difference between the products of White males + Asian Females and Asian Males + White Females.

    The former is a product of a beta White male who couldn't get a White woman and a low self-esteem and race-hating Asian women so naturally the gene combination would result in a beta male like Elliot Rodgers. ...
  5. The Afrocentrist was skeptical but makes his claims about MTDNA E


    Skeptical? Skeptical somehow gives you the idea that MTDNA E comes from northern China huh?

    Don't you remember what you wrote on worldhistoria.com?

    RE: mtDNA-E

    Only someone who knew nothing about genomics would assume E was Negrito or Papuan. mtDNA E's ancestors come from Northern China.

    You have a knack of feigning ignorance for your own distortions.

    It ...
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