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  1. Filipino 3rd Wheel

    It's not that Filipinos are in total seclusion to the rest of Asia. Maybe I should word it better like this.

    Let's put it like this. Let's say that whatever inter-cultural clique Filipinos are involved with along other peoples and cultures in Asia Pacific, 100% of the time, Filipinos are always the THIRD WHEEL of any relationship they're in. Consider this.

    1. Filipinos have had ties with Indonesians and Malaysians, but those two peoples are MUCH more culturally and ...
    Filipino Blogs
  2. Chelan tea

    Tea is a rare Oolong tea from Pinghe county in the south of FuJian Province.
    It has about 250 years history, According to legend, in Qianlong (AD 1735 – 1795), there was a special tea tree near a well in the Da Qin mountain in Pinghe county. Local People call the tea tree “bai ya qi lan”, and they pick fresh tea leaves from the tea tree and made into Oolong tea, so they also call the tea “bai ye qi lan tea”, it has a peculiar smell of orchids, tea soup is clear and bright. Now, local people ...
  3. The Borrowed Time

    It's another Monday. Yeah, Monday is always miserable.

    So let me get to the story as fast as I can. I got a call up by my manager, to be informed and asked about the possibility of me handling another Company's job at province at a higher position (I wanna call it "vice chief"). Let's stop here. You have to understand this particular "position" has nothing to do with my profession or occupation. It's an extra "work". However, there's more than it is ...
  4. Not only did Dwuji not get infracted, but he got awarded for repeatedly assaulting me

    NB: The purpose of this is an archive for quick reference.

    Ethnic Chinese person discriminated by non-Chinese moderators.
    Peranakan troll who stole some Taiwan actors pic and claims to be a "Tagbach" manipulates Iron Man the admin to instill a two way block which he requested.

    1. Abuses me via neg rep:

    2. Abused me via HEX code, told me to "**** off" and then "**** you", ...

    Updated 03-07-2017 at 06:09 PM by thewalrus

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    Forum dynamics and analysis
  5. Back and Forth

    I dont know how to describe my life as of late. It is not about how good or bad it is that I want to talk, but it is about how I want it to be and how this shapes my current use of time. Consequentially, as I try to re-establish myself at my current work office, I have cut times with many online activities, this forum include. However, I know for sure that there is more to be done here, so I cannot write myself off completely.

    To illustrate about my current situation, let's go straight ...
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