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  1. Cambodia travel experience

    Don't ever think Cambodia tours had nothing to travel, you will feel the surprise when the old country to Cambodia. Please visit Angkor Wat, Angkor Thorm and many tourist locations across Cambodia, you will have to relentlessly praise ahead of wild beauty, grave that many famous film has selected this country for his Tableau.
    Some general information
    Cambodia country name in full is the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in South-East Asia region on the eastern border with Vietnam, ...

    Just "cheat" bag about 3-4 million and also the passport deadline for at least 6 months, you can micro-vu discover wonders, attractions of this country.

    Necessary information before the trip

    Citizens carry passports visa exempt travel Vietnam Cambodia (30 day duration). Citizens of countries not free of Visa when traveling to Cambodia can contact the Consulate General of Cambodia in Tp.HCM (41, Phung Khac Khoan, District 1; phone: 38292751) ...
  3. Traveling Cambodia should wear what?

    At the time of the holiday, in addition to attractive destinations in the country, many Vietnamese tourists choose a journey to discover beautiful land and hospitable Cambodia. Besides accommodation, Cambodia holiday tour accommodation, travel, ... one problem seemed simple but no less important in the list should be prepared as traveling Cambodia should wear something often overlooked.

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    What to wear when traveling to suit ...
  4. Please enter here to translate content

    Learn about the weather and climate in Myanmar tours waters before traveling to this beautiful country will help visitors have a thorough preparation for the trip to Myanmar more piecemeal.
    Tourism in Myanmar is a diamond-shaped country extends 925km from East to West and 2,100 km from North to South. The borders with China, Laos and Thailand to the East, Bangladesh and India in the North and the Indian Ocean in the West and South. The Irrawaddy River runs through the center of the country ...
  5. Should go to Myanmar on time?

    Myanmar is a land is said to have a good climate, not harsh or change as some countries in the region of Southeast Asia. While Vietnam was starting to get cold, the moment, the most beautiful season in Myanmar.
    In the southern region, represented Yangon tours , very pleasant atmosphere. You can compare with the most beautiful autumn day in Vietnam to learn about weather Myanmar. This time, the sky will rain occasionally, but not significantly. According to experience our Myanmar travel, now ...
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