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  1. OMG guys look what I found out. A user called 'GoodsSister'.

    I was just putting good in my Ignore list when I found this. Just WOW. Im so confused. -confused
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  2. Why IndoChinese women look pale?

    Start watching at time 20:00

    From the video, those original central Asians spend time in China, and then moved south to replace that Thai woman 's paternal ancestors. National, cultural identity like Chinese, Vietnamese don 't have much bearing on the discussion back when this genocide happened.

    I am sure this happened way before 10,000 years ago. This just show how the old world works. ...
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  3. Life

    Life is a bittersweet thing.

    In 3 short years - 2010 to 2012 - 2 friends and 4 relatives have gone home to be with the Lord. Yet I've also had the pleasure of witnessing a couple of weddings and welcoming newborns into the extended family. Received heartfelt confessions and said no because my own heart did not feel the same. Studied and worked. Gained many friends and lost a few. Gained precious possessions and lost them. Went through sky-high success and pit-low failure. Learnt ...
  4. Beyonce the Silkworm

    On a cold morning and the sun has risen. There was a fat silkworm called Beyonce. She was munching on a juicy green mulberry leaf in a bush, in the lower section of the bush. Beyonce was having a great time greedily munching on the leaves when…

    Suddenly, a hungry, huge mouse came nearing to Beyonce. Desperately, she climbed higher into the mulberry tree and successfully went on a higher branch. The mouse despite its earnest efforts could not climb up with its feet. Reluctantly, it ...
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  5. [Inappropriate title]

    We must do everything to preserve our culture.

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