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  1. Social brain hypothesis

    Quote Originally Posted by avisitor View Post
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    Humans came from somewhere .. didn't we??
    And previous humans weren't as smart as we are now.
    So, tell me how did the process happen that humans became smarter??
    It is totally due to environment. Fish rising from the oceans .. to walk on land .. environment.

    Evolution?? Darwin's Theory of how species develop?? Or did you forget??
    It is all due to environmental changes which in turn preselected the ones who could change and adapt to the new environment.
  2. Social brain hypothesis

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    ^ Although I prefer to be more politically correct, it is true that all races are not equal. Those who've adapted to changing climate conditions are more likely to have higher intelligence then those from consistent climates closer to the equator.
    This theory is very old, and wrong. Human evolution very early on detach itself completely from the environment. Gaming large carnivores, and adopting to the damn cold don 't really demand that much in terms of greater brain capacity usage. ...

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  3. Yesterday 6-20-12 (chocolate syrup)

    I always seem to be in a food dilemma.. i found myself choosing between eggs or pancakes for breakfast.. well i just had both. I ate the eggs first with some ketchup. Then i ate the pancakes. However a secondary dilemma appeared when i found myself short of syrup. I was sharing a very small amount with my cousins who were also eating pancakes so i just let them have it. Instead of regular syrup i used chocolate syrup .
  4. Today 6-17-12

    I spent the night at my aunts house and then came back home to a big lunch with noodles and spaghetti. I was going to decide on either the noodles or the spaghetti but i couldn't in the end and just ate both.

    So for today i had both noodles and spaghetti.
  5. National/Political identity is different from ethnic/racial identity.

    I am not going to read everything before me. I am just going to say the relationship between China, and Chinese is sort of like the relationship between England, and English. England as it is today is a mixture of separate tribes from the landmass we now know as North/North western Germany. Over the course of the last 1500 years, these different tribe form, intermixed and cultivated a kind of collective identity known and the English Identity. Of course, this story I just told you is not unique ...

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