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  1. C-Walk

    I have a thing for c-walkers. I get so excited seeing people c-walk. I'm still learning it but one of these days i feel like i will master it.
  2. Post Some Good 80's and 90's Music

  3. Do North Koreans Understand Our Media Better Than We Understand North Korean Media?

  4. There is daily psychological warfare being waged on the Chinese Mainland Part II

    And we always bicker amongst each other Chinese vs. Japanese vs. Koreans instead of coming together and standing proud and tall as brothers despite past grievances. Just remember that whatever happened in the past, like the terrible things Japan did in Nanjing or to Korea as imperialists and whatever other past grievances between Korea vs. China vs. Japan, in today's world, the only way we are ever going to no longer be treated in such a manner is ...

    Updated 05-29-2013 at 10:47 PM by fengersha

  5. There is daily psychological warfare being waged on the Chinese Mainland

    There are many CIA paid 美分 in China. In addition, many media entities in Zhongguo that are controlled by western imperialists. For example, media entities such as Southern Daily (南方日报), and Southern Metropolis (南方都市报) constantly attack the Zhongguo government and praise the American government. Many people in these media organizations are actually CIA paid shills. They denounce heroes such as Mao who made Zhongguo ...

    Updated 05-29-2013 at 10:48 PM by fengersha


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