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  1. Wealth, beauty, happiness, and a way of life

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    There are two things that almost everyone values are wealth and beauty. Almost everyone wants to be wealthy and looks good. If people are lacking that, they don't feel measured up to others. Wealth can be accumulated through doing honest work. Pick a career that does not contribute harm to others. Then spend wealth wisely- for family, others in need, not focus one's own selfish needs, and always save some.

    There are two ways to change how we look. First one is through modern cosmetic

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  2. Native Vietnamese Animals

    [QUOTE=SaigonAlice;53070]We always talk about Vietnamese People but how about the Animals there? Since Vietnam has a tropical climate with many jungles, it should have some kind of animals thriving there. Let's start with the Common Water Buffalo.

    Source: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_buffalo[/url]
    Water Buffalo are common in Vietnamese Agriculture. They are the most important and useful tool in farming. They are even considered family by farmers. The farmer's ...
  3. One Vision One Identity One Community

    For those who may concern

    Welcome to Aseanclan “Asia’s Perfect 10” blog (http://www.aseanclan.blogspot.com). In short, we address our project as “AC10”. We started our operation since October 2007, under the cooperation of 3 former AsiaFinest Forum members: John “JC” Cuneta of Philippine, Jiwa “Bhaskara” Matahari of Indonesia and Chhaly “Denith” Samsokrith of Cambodia. "Asia's Perfect 10" is a group blog dedicated to ASEANCultural Exchange, promoting regionally mutual cooperation, ...
  4. Why do Chinese women date out?

    Why do Chinese women date out? The question is specific to Chinese women. Here is my theory:

    Chinese men, and women were taught to be economically, and financially independent, and successful even when they are young. "Love", and "affection" is conditioned on satisfaction of academic/ social/ career achievement/performance. You get more "love" from your parents if you get an A in your math, rather than B, or if you earn over 100,000$ per year, rather ...
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  5. Which ones are Vietnamese hats?

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