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  2. 1825: When the USA Was Not a White Country

    1825: When the USA Was Not a White Country

    Robert Lindsay, August 25, 2007


    But Whites have only been here a short while, and we were immigrants, or actually invaders at first, ourselves. Previously, the US was all Amerindian, a race close to Northeast Asians. Before this was even a nation, we imported huge numbers of Black slaves, such that most Black lineages in the US go back farther than most White lineages.

    In California ...
    Asian American
  3. Deluxe Health facility Types - Which Ones Are Right For You

    Words day spa is taken from the name of the popular mineral springs in Medspa, Belgium. Its therapeutic mineral springs and also baths, frequented given that the 16th century, made it a worldwide classy sprinkling place. Its name became so popular that the word health club has come to be a common noun used to mark any type of health resort dedicated to overall well-being achieved via a selection of professional solutions, encouraging the renewal of mind, body and spirit.

    So currently ...
  4. Lower Cholesterol

    Catechins, another group of antioxidants, have been found to reduce cholesterol, and white tea is teeming with them. Cholesterol is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and white tea increases the good while decreasing the bad. This helps prevent hardening of the arteries and blockage of blood flow.
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    Test 2
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