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  1. How do I do my laundry during the Camino?

    Thousands of doubts can come up when you decide to walk the Camino for the first-time. Some of them will be related to how to do your laundry during the journey.

    Once a pilgrim asked me if the shelters normally have washing machines for the pilgrims to wash their clothes. The truth is most of them don’t have washing machines, or have only one, making it impossible to use considering you will have to wait a long queue.

    What most shelters usually have are laundry facilities ...
  2. “The Higa”, pilgrims’ lucky charm

    The Higa has always been a very popular luck charm through the history of mankind, and it has been traditionally linked to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and its pilgrims. “The Higa” is the representation of a fist, with the thumb sticking out between the index finger and the middle finger.

    It is believed that the origins of “the Higa” come from the ancient cults of Africa and Asia. At the beginning it had sexual connotations; in fact, the symbol could be seen as the representation ...
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  3. Essential things a Pilgrim should carry on

    Getting the luggage ready is one of the toughest tasks a pilgrim will face. The Camino has taught us several things throughout the years regarding this important matter; we would like to share them with you to make your journey much smoother.

    If you pack light, you will go light. Most experts advise not to exceed 10% of your body weight on your backpack. Our experience tells us to go even lighter.

    Keep it down to the basics, get rid of Santiago de Compostela stuff. ...
  4. Your Way to Santiago – Camino de Santiago Tours

    Europe has a few of the most effective galleries in the world, from the Louvre in Paris to the Gallery of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. While you ought to absolutely attempt and visit these, there are lots of off-beat museums to capture on your European tour too. From food to footwear, these museums make sure to amuse and also surprise you. Santiago de Compostela

    Currywurst Museum, Berlin:

    This sausage-themed museum lies in the heart of Berlin in the Friedrichstadt area, ...
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