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  • Kind Chinese Doctor Who Stopped To Help Malay 'Mat Rempit' In Accident Goes Viral

    Kind Chinese Doctor Who Stopped To Help 'Mat Rempit' In Accident At Karak Highway Goes Viral

    A female Chinese doctor has shown that race and religion is no barrier to goodwill, after pictures of her helping a Malay motorcyclist who was involved in an accident went viral last Monday.

    In a Facebook posting by Muhammad Aizuddin, he shared how the doctor stopped by the road to help them as she noticed that the victim is badly injured.

    According to media reports, the doctor pulled over her car after seeing the accident at the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway near Genting Sempah last Sunday.
    She immediately checked the injured motorcyclist pulse and breathing. The self-confessed 'mat rempit' explained he knew she is a doctor as she had brought along her medical equipment and even knew how to set his broken arm into position, Harian Metro reports.

    Aizuddin said that he gained a lot of respect for the female doctor, as she did not let prejudice stand in the way for her to help people.

    "Respect for this 'Amoi'. Even though she knows that we are 'Mat Rempit', she still stopped by to help us because she's a doctor," said Aizuddin.

    Aizuddin also added how she was the one who told him to go and buy sweets so that the victim won't suffer from low sugar level in his body.

    "You go and look for her when you're feeling better. She was the one who asked me to buy sugar syrup, she was the one who poured water on your wounds," Aizuddin said in his Facebook posting.

    He also said that the female doctor even said that she will stay there until the ambulance arrived.

    In the aftermath of the incident, the victim Faisal Hasbullah Alimin who is now in stable condition, has expressed his gratitude for the doctor.
    "Thank you for helping me, even though we don't know each other and are of different races," Faisal said to Harian Metro.

    Faisal said that the doctor's kindness really touched his heart, and stated his intent of meeting the doctor and thanking her personally.

    "Usually, when people see motorcyclists they will think that we are 'Mat Rempit', but when I see how driven she is in helping me, I see that not everyone thinks like that.

    "If given the chance, I would like to meet her personally and thank her in person," said Faisal.

    As of writing, the Facebook posting by Muhammad Aizuddin has gained 4500 likes and 676 shares.

    Lets hope that after seeing the female doctor's actions, more and more Malaysians are inspired to spread kindness to others, without letting race, religion or prejudices stop them.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Kind Chinese Doctor Who Stopped To Help Malay 'Mat Rempit' In Accident Goes Viral started by galvatron prime View original post
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. The BIG BOSS's Avatar
      The BIG BOSS -
      good article
    1. cydevil's Avatar
      cydevil -
      She's a bit pretty too
    1. Dreamhunter's Avatar
      Dreamhunter -
      She did the right thing. Well, she was a doctor, wasn't she? It shud hv been second nature to her. If she had chosen to ignore an injured man, just becos he was a different colour, then she shud not hv been a doctor in the first place.

      I am not a doctor. But I hv also stopped to help a dude involved in accident, not once, but twice. First time was in my home town, soon after coming back from England. I was on a bus, and I saw a motorcyclist bummed by a car from behind. My bus stopped & I got down. A motorist stopped by, and he & I carried the injured man into his car & to hospital. I think he kind of half-fainted, didn't know what had happened to him. When we got there, I & the nurse asked him if he had any relative's telephone number. He gave his daughter's number. After speaking to her & telling her about her father, I left him with the nurse and proceeded with my business.

      Second time was about four years after I had got a job. I was in another state, Perak, then. Coming back from work matters in another town, Teluk Intan, about 60 miles from my base in Ipoh the capital, it was late, like six in the afternoon, when I saw a crowd in front, by the roadside. I stopped my car & went to look. Some dude, also on motorcycle, had been hit by a car. I agreed to take him in my car to the nearest town hospital, which was on my way home. He was unconscious by that time. When we reached hospital he had recovered a bit and started asking what had happened to him. I just told him the truth, that when I saw him he was already lying down injured. I just left him with the nurse, kind of worried also that he might start thinking that I was actually the one who had hit him.
    1. DWuji's Avatar
      DWuji -
      "Thank you for helping me, even though we don't know each other and are of different races," Faisal said to Harian Metro."
      ignorance is not bliss

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