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  • US Intelligence Chiefs Focus on Chinese, Cyber Threats in Major Senate Testimony

    the leaders of the US intelligence community delivered landmark testimony before the Senate read on

    New York State Senate Staffer Suspended After Instagram Post Surfaces

    A just surfaced Instagram post showing children pulling their eyes back in a mocking gesture read on

    Putin Holds Military Exercises on Islands Claimed by Japan

    Russia is accelerating a military buildup on islands claimed by Japan, threatening to blow a read on

    Man donates kidney to woman he loves, she refuses to marry him

    A man in London saved life of the woman he loved for over two decades by donating a kidney but read on

    Basketball Game Suspended following Racial Taunts

    A high school basketball game had to be suspended after students began directing racial slurs read on

    ‘Eat churros!’ advises teenage snowboarder Chloe Kim

    Chloe Kim actually qualified for the Olympic team in 2014, but at age 13, she was too young read on

    The director of the FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US — and

    FBI director Christopher Wray reiterated a commonly held view on Tuesday that China is seeking read on

    Trump threatens China sanctions, vows to rework S Korea trade deal

    WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump threatened retaliatory action against two major Asian read on

    FBI director warns Chinese spies are embedded in American universities

    FBI director Christopher Wray said Chinese spies are embedded in American universities, read on

    Mirai Nagasu becomes first American woman to land triple axel in Olympics

    It took the talent, grit and artistry of eight American figure skaters over three days of read on
  • China unveils world’s first warship armed with RAILGUN capable of throwing shells 6,7

    Railguns are an electromagnetic cannon that throws slugs at hypersonic speeds of up to 6,710mph.

    Images show the suspected weapon bolted on the front of the Haiyang Shan warship at the Wuchang Shipyard in eastern China.
    The cannon is relatively huge compared to the size of the ship, which is normally armed with a small 37mm point defence gun on the bow.
    Packed aboard the vessel are what appear to be shipping containers, suspected to contain the batteries needed for the cannon.

    Experts have said the cannons size and attached shipping containers are reminiscent of the prototype railgun developed by the US Navy, reports The Warzone.
    Railguns do not use explosives, and instead are used to hurl heavy slugs at super-high speeds to cause catastrophic damage.

    Muzzle velocities – the speed at which the shell leaves the barrel – have been recorded of up to speed of nearly Mach 9, or almost 2 miles per second.

    Pictures showed the vessel – numbered 936 on the hull – with the cannon hidden behind awning with the barrel also concealed.
    And then later snaps show the great light-grey turret unveiled and hooked up to the boxes sitting on the deck.
    Wuchang Shipyard is connected to the East China Sea by the Yangtze River.

    China is known to be developing railgun technology and last year Rear Admiral Ma Weiming claimed they had made major breakthroughs in the research.
    He claimed 100 scientists working on the project were “ecstatic” with the development described as “key to the national defence program”.
    Chinese leader Xi has called on massive investment into his military as he seeks to make the Communist giant’s armies on par with the US.

    Previously, an anonymous Chinese naval weapons researcher said: "It will allow electromagnetic railguns to be mounted on ships while current power systems can't handle the vast electricity consumption by the weapon.

    "Ships with railguns will be much mightier than existing ones.

    US Navy bosses have plans to installed a railgun on its new ship USS Lydon B. Johnson – the third in the new class of futuristic destroyer like the USS Zumwalt.
    The railgun was scheduled to the tested by the USNS Trenton – a fast transport ship – but this was postponed in 2016.
    Daily Star Online revealed China have also been testing hypersonic missiles as the superpower modernises its military.

    “In addition, the new system will extensively reduce the noise of submarines as they move underwater, improving their fighting capability and survivability.”


    This article was originally published in forum thread: China unveils world’s first warship armed with RAILGUN capable of throwing shells 6,7 started by EB88 News View original post

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