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  • Family of slain Chinese erupts in anger as Arizona judge accepts deal for her killer

    The family of a Chinese student who was murdered in a road rage incident reacted furiously in read on

    Woman Unleashes Racist Tirade On Asian Nail Salon Owner: ‘Your Language Sounds Nasty’

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    Tampa Man Sentenced. Threatened Violence to Keep Muslim Family from Buying Home

    The woman attacked last week and partially eaten by an alligator has been identified as read on

    Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says

    Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than others on traits like read on

    Teen Accused of Making Death Threats Against Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders Arreste

    A teenager accused of making death threats against progressive senators Kamala Harris and read on

    Kim commits to 'complete denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula' in joint text

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his commitment to "complete denuclearisation of read on

    Gun-toting Taiwanese exchange student Sun An Tso pleads guilty to US school shooting

    A Taiwanese exchange student accused of threatening a shooting at his high school near read on

    The Trump Administration Wants to Ban Chinese Scientists From Some American Labs

    The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would ban Chinese students and Chinese read on

    Parents, alumni slam proposal to change admissions for NYC specialized high schools

    Asian-American groups gathered at a meeting in Sunset Park on Monday accused Mayor Bill de read on

    Japan to ease language requirements for unskilled foreign workers

    TOKYO -- The Japanese government plans to ease restrictions on unskilled foreign nationals read on
  • Donald Trump pushes for changing WTO, says it led to the emergence of China as global

    Washington: US president Donald Trump has said that he has pushed for changing the World Trade Organisation, which in its current avatar is ripping off American economy and businesses.

    The World Trade Organisation, an international governmental organisation that regulates international trade, has led to the economic emergence of China as a global economic power, he said, asserting that his administration is working to change this.

    The World Trade Organisation deal, that's what really led to the emergence of China – you look at China, they became rich when they made the World Trade Deal. The World Trade Organisation, WTO. We have to change it, Trump told Fox News in an interview.

    We can't allow our workers, our country, our companies to be ripped off like this and they understand that. And that's why they are starting to move back into the United States. Chrysler's coming back, Foxconn is coming in, the big company that makes the Apple, different things for Apple. Some of the biggest companies in the world, said the US president.

    Trump made an unusual appearance over phone on Fox News late last night after the Democratic side of the Senate Intelligence committee issued its own version of memo detailing into the allegations of Russian interference in 2016 presidential elections.

    Trump described the release of such a memo as illegal. It's probably illegal to do it, he said, reiterating that there was no collusion between him or his campaign with the Russians. Discussions on such issues, though, is helping the Russians.

    A lot of people are tearing our nation apart on this and other subjects. They are tearing our nation apart, he said, as he reiterated that the alleged Russian interference happened during the administration of his predecessor Barack Obama.

    I have to say, Obama was the president during all of this meddling or whatever you want to call it with Russians and others possibly. He's the one that was supposed to take care of this and he didn't, he said.

    Nobody brings that up. He was warned and he didn't, which makes it even worse. But he was the president during this period of time, during the entire period of time and he did nothing about. So somebody should – and I have to say, a lot of the fair people, and people frankly love my administration, they bring it up all the time, but Obama was the president, Trump alleged.

    Trump said the American economy is "incredible" and he is renegotiating trade deals.

    There are no trade deals ever negotiated that have been bad like the trade deals we've had negotiated whether it's NAFTA, the deal with South Korea, TPP – I was able to keep us out of that, that would have been a total disaster, he said


    This article was originally published in forum thread: Donald Trump pushes for changing WTO, says it led to the emergence of China as global started by EB88 News View original post

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