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  • Philly Driver Shouts 'This Is America' To The Wrong Asian-American

    Casual discrimination happens all the time ― sometimes when you’re just trying to cross read on

    Philippine president's son denies links to $125-million drug shipment

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    Korean Placekicker to Start for San Diego Chargers

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    Texas SB4’s Impact on Asian Americans – Why We Should Care

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    Asian-American star says she changed her name because “Hollywood is racist”

    The burden to “fix” racism does not fall on the very people it marginalizes. But it appears read on

    Chinese migrants lead US agents to San Diego border tunnel

    Officials say dozens of migrants fleeing from Border Patrol agents led authorities to a read on

    Stormfront, internet’s longest-running white supremacist site, goes offline

    Stormfront, internet’s longest-running white supremacist site, goes offline By Andrew read on

    Middle school teacher arrested for punching neo-Nazi claims it was self-defense

    BY JESSICA read on

    To prove Asian-American support, Arizona GOP uses photo from ’90s Margaret Cho sitcom

    To prove Asian-American support, Arizona GOP uses photo from ’90s Margaret Cho sitcom An read on

    Yingluck Shinawatra, ex-Thai PM, has fled to Dubai

    Thailand's former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra fled Thailand for Dubai two days before a read on
  • Filipino beauty queen,Mary Christine Balagtas,23 is shot dead by ‘hitmen’

    Filipino beauty queen, 23, is shot dead by ‘hitmen’ moments after they knocked on her door bringing her flowers and chocolates
    Mary Christine Balagtas opened her door to two men in the Philippines
    Police say they shot her in the head and then fled on a nearby motorbike
    They are investigating a man who was in a relationship with Ms Balagtas

    A Filipino beauty queen has been shot dead moments after opening the front door to 'hitmen' who gave her flowers and chocolates.
    Mary Christine Balagtas, 23, opened her front door to the two men at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines, on Wednesday morning.
    They let off a single bullet into the student's head then fled on a waiting motorbike, according to police investigating the murder.

    She was rushed to hospital as paramedics battled to stabilise her but she died inside the ambulance.
    Superintendent Julio Lizardo from Plaridel Police said they were now investigating a man who had a previous relationship with Ms Balagtas.
    He added: 'We believe the attack could have carried out by a hired gun.
    We found an empty shell from a.45 calibre pistol at the scene and believe that two men had fled on a motorcycle.
    'Witnesses said that two men had been been seen in the neighbourhood before the shooting.
    'Mary died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. We are following several leads including a man who had a romantic relationship with Mary.'
    Ms Balagtas previously won the La Bulakenya pageant in 2009 and second pageant in 2010.

    She was studying at the University of Regina Carmeli College when she died.
    Shocked classmates this week paid tribute to Mary, who had the nickname 'Tin'.
    Friend Herlie Rozelle Flores Vecina said: 'Life is just really too short for the family and friends you have left. We may not even know what true happened to you but we let it given in the hands of our almighty God.

    'We are confident that justice will prevail. We just pray that your family and us, your friends will get that fair.
    'Tin, you will be always in our hearts. You, as a daughter, a sister, a seatmate in elementary, a classmate on high school, a colleague on college... but most importantly, a friend. We hope to never forget you.
    'We will sincerely miss you. We love you, Mary Christine. May you rest beautifully in peace, our dear friend.'


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