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  • western visayans
  • Confucius debates Laozi
    I prefer Confucius :D
  • Huangshan
    Beautiful :)
  • 222RacistTrollingOfTheChineseYetAgain
    Another resident racist.
  • DreamhunterRacistPostAgainstChineseThreateningMeAfterMyResponse
    Instead of apologizing for his racist post, he threatened to infract me for speaking out about his racist post.
  • DreamhunterRacistPostAgainstChinese
    Racist post done with impunity.
  • 1009413 141238862736568 4532594 o
    -laugh right guard 1.00/bottle bodywash .. deo is 1.00 each
  • 1026078 141238886069899 170785740 o
    listerine 2.00/ bottle dial .89/bottle
  • 1026234 141238912736563 748851494 o
    vo5 .15 / bottle, head n shoulders 1.00/ bottle
  • 1920054 218787708315016 1799235083 n
    pantene .89/ bottle sauve .25/bottle nail polishes .50 ( revlon, sinful colors) , eyeshadows .35 / singles, ardell eye lashes 1.00 ( how much i paid after my sales n coupons n rewards)
  • 1451488 319480004912452 8224828447563215925 n
    @jaywhat -- thanks! @SayWhaat-- sure gimme your address? -sure
  • 1451488 319480004912452 8224828447563215925 n
    where's mine?
  • 1451488 319480004912452 8224828447563215925 n
    those are beautiful
  • i40nkw
    cute dog kuya!!!.. ill see if i post picture of my dog..
  • 10569077 257991081061345 6928751668537339474 n
    -shifty ermm.. nope my room is small.. i paint light green sage to open up the room a bit
  • 10569077 257991081061345 6928751668537339474 n
    Hmmm, so your wall is olive. Is this a color indication for something? -redface-laugh
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    -laugh no problem
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    Okay, thanks for telling :) I have set this album as public, others are private so I don't know why it says so O.o
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    mimoza - i still cant see it. lol this is what i got Invalid Album specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator-laugh
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    It says? Can you see this picture either (not jewellery) [url]http://eastbound88.com/album.php?albumid=73&attachmentid=1406[/url] OK, I will spam :p
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    lol its says album invalid .. sure I dont mind you spam my messages-laugh and yeah im the baby in the family
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    I do this kind of stuff [url]http://eastbound88.com/album.php?albumid=73&attachmentid=1391[/url] pearls added are rocks. There is different bonding styles to put silver rings together, therefore chains become very different looking. I can spam some model links to your visitor messages if you havent try these before :) 4 older sisters? wow that must be great!
  • seafood salad
    it is.. -bawling thats why i can't loose weight.. my family cooks good food
  • 292991 133278826865905 2019402473 n
    oh cool your into jewelery also? yeah .. the pic there I made for my friend I met online.. I do others also. I want to sell my jewelery too but my 4 older sis always grab it first when im done making it. lol.
  • seafood salad
    Yum yum looks good :)

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