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Human Senses: Smell and Taste

Human Senses: Smell and Taste
Human Senses: Smell and Taste (49 min 51 sec)
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The senses are our guide to the world, keeping us out of danger and directing us to pleasure. But how sensitive and accurate are they? And Just how intense a sensation can we bear? On a global assault course for the senses, our chief volunteer must endure many a sensory extreme - from the foulest smell to the hottest chilli pepper, while other, unsuspecting "volunteers" will unwittingly demonstrate just how easily our senses can be misled. We will also meet the sensory superstar of the animal kingdom, who can help to explain the biological roots of our own senses.

The light hearted but revealing series explores, sense by sense, how they function and why we need them. Then delves so deep... you'll never hear, taste, touch, smell, stand, or see the same way again.

Smell and Taste

In the first programme of the series Nigel Marven goes in search of the most disgusting , the most attractive smells and sets out to discover the biological reasons why humans eat such a diverse range of foods, from rotten raw ducks eggs to a sweaty blue cheese. At a chilli eating contest, he pushes his taste buds to the limit.

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