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84C MoPic

84C MoPic
84C MoPic (90 min 51 sec)
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The film is created as a mock-up documentary of a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) mission during the Vietnam War. The point of view is from a camera following an LRRP team on a five-day patrol deep in 'Indian Country' (territory controlled by the North Vietnamese). The cameraman is nicknamed 'MoPic' by the team, because of his alphanumeric military occupational specialty, 84C20, Motion Picture Specialist. The supposedly routine mission, however, goes wrong and eventually turns into a struggle for survival.

The movie was filmed on a low budget in Southern California. The film is one of the earlier examples of found footage, a style famously implemented by Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

Release year: 1989
Director: Patrick Sheane Duncan
Cast: Jonathan Emerson as LT, Nicholas Cascone as Easy, Jason Tomlins as Pretty Boy, Christopher Burgard as Hammer, Glenn Morshower as Cracker, Richard Brooks as OD & Byron Thames as MoPic

Credit @ pigeonpsycho & Wikipedia
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