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Satoyama: Japan's Secret Water Garden I

Satoyama: Japan's Secret Water Garden I
Satoyama: Japan's Secret Water Garden I (49 min 35 sec)
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The Satoyama series, which has just won the Grand Prix at the 28th International Wildlife Film Festival 2005, is produced by NHK and distributed by MICO. It poetically portrays the close relationship between people and nature in traditional rural environments in Japan. The first program, which focuses on the agricultural cycle of rice paddies on hillsides in Japan, has been distributed to over 80 countries worldwide.

The second program takes a look at a traditional water-supply system called a "kabata", which not only provides water to village households but also nurtures a vast diversity of fish, insects, birds, and other creatures. Both programs offer insights into environmentally sustainable living.

Shin Murata, the originator and Executive Producer of the two programs, commented:

"I'm delighted that Satoyama will be airing in the BBC's 'Natural World' strand. The BBC's endorsement of Satoyama is particularly gratifying because one of my biggest inspirations for the programs was a BBC production titled 'Restless Year' which followed the seasons in one of England's rural areas".

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