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Journey from the Fall

Journey from the Fall
Journey from the Fall (124 min 06 sec)
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After her South Vietnamese Army husband, Long, is imprisoned in a North Vietnamese reeducation camp, Mai, her son Lai, and her mother-in-law escape Vietnam by boat in the hopes of starting a new life in Southern California. Believing his family is dead, Long gives up in the face of brutal conditions, while Mai struggles to keep her family from crumbling under the pressures of life in a new country. When Long learns his family is alive in America, he is reinvigorated and decides he must join them at any cost.

This drama was released on March 23, 2007, by ImaginAsian to sold-out screenings. The film is notable for having been financed entirely by the Vietnamese American community.

~ Wikipedia

Vietnamese title: Vượt Sóng
Release year (at the Bangkok International Film Festival): 2006
Director: Ham Tran
Starring: Kieu Chinh, Long Nguyen, Diem Lien & Cat Ly

Credit @ Sach Noi Viet Nam
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