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Dek Hor (Dorm)

Dek Hor (Dorm)
Dek Hor (Dorm) (111 min 26 sec)
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Ton is sent to a boarding school by his father to study harder and have less entertainment with television. Once in the school, Ton feels outcast and misses his family and friends. He becomes scared with the ghost stories his new schoolmates tell about a boy that died in the swimming pool and a young pregnant woman that committed suicide. He becomes a close friend of the also lonely boy Vichien, and later Ton realizes that Vichien is the boy that drowned in the swimming pool, and his death repeats every night. Ton tries to find a way to help his friend to rest in peace.

Thai title: เด็กหอ; Dek Hor
Release year: 2006
Director: Songyos Sugmakanan
Starring: Charlie Trairat, Sirachuch Chienthaworn & Chintara Sukapatana

Credit @ Xing Jing & Wikipedia
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