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West 32nd

West 32nd
West 32nd (86 min 16 sec)
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Life is hot in K-Town. Jin-Ho, owner of a popular salon room club has recently been assassinated for unknown reasons and a teenager named Kevin Lee has been picked up for the crime. Up-and-coming lawyer John Kim (John Cho) is assigned the case, and is taking it on pro bono, as his firm wants some positive publicity and a successful case would also gain John partnership in the firm. After some digging around, heís led to a local gang that Kevin used to run with and their leader Mike Juhn (Jun-seong Kim). While at first he gets nowhere, Mike eventually seems to take a liking to him and before he knows it, John is running around K-Townís criminal underbelly and finding he actually enjoys it. All is not what it seems though, as cryptic messages begin to trickle his way courtesy of Jin-Hoís top girl Suki, and soon John starts to wonder if he hasnít gotten in over his head.

Korean title: 웨스트 32번가; Weseuteu 32beonga
Release year: 2007
Director: Michael Kang
Starring: John Cho, Jun-seong Kim, Grace Park, Jane Kim & Jun-ho Jeong

Credit @ Molly Kim & Infini-Tropolis
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