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The Forbidden Door

The Forbidden Door
The Forbidden Door (110 min 00 sec)
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Gambir (Fachri Albar) is a successful sculptor, famous for his statues depicting highly pregnant women. He seems to have it all, but his success disgusts him for it is based on a sordid secret. Problem is, his agent knows this as well and blackmails Gambir into continuing this very lucrative business. Worse, stress has made him impotent, and both his wife Talyda and his mother are constantly discussing various ways to get him 'performing' again, as Talyda (Marsha Timothy) desperately wants a baby. All this fades into the background when a couple of mysterious things happen. First, Gambir discovers a secret locked door in his cellar but his wife begs and pleads for him not to break it open, as it holds a secret from her past that she wants to keep hidden. Spineless as always, Gambir agrees. Also, someone starts sending vague messages to Gambir. Messages that lead him to a secret society which allows its members to watch perverted reality shows on special television channels. One of these programs shows a young boy being terribly abused by his parents, with the audience speculating about how long the child will survive.

Bloody Disgusting's John Leal rated the film 8 out of 10 and wrote in his page; 'Overall, The Forbidden Door is a highly recommended Indonesian effort whose storyline gives us a very unique experience that comes well written and with plenty of horror to offset and in fact compliment the drama. Anwar’s direction is equally amazing, giving us a full-frontal approach to the well-executed horror sequences that set this film apart from most of what I have seen in recent time.'

Twitch Film's Ard Vijn said in his page that; 'Joko Anwar wants to keep his movies accessible for the general public while telling them an outrageous story at the same time, and like with Kala it's amazing how well he succeeds. The Forbidden Door looks gorgeous (despite its budget!) and jumps effortlessly from genre to genre without alienating its audience.'

~ Wikipedia

Indonesian title: Pintu Terlarang
Release year: 2009
Director: Joko Anwar
Starring: Fachri Albar, Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu & Otto Djauhari
Rating: PG-13

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