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The Greatest Civil War on Earth

The Greatest Civil War on Earth
The Greatest Civil War on Earth (108 min 31 sec)
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Cantonese-speaking Cheung San Bo (Leung Sing Po) and Mandarin-speaking Li Si Bao (Liu Enjia) are not only business partners but also roommates. But their differences in dialect and culture result in hilarious confusion, misunderstandings and contentious rivalries. But when Liuís daughter (Christine Pai Lu-Ming) falls in love with a Cantonese pilot and Liangís daughter (Kitty Ting Hao) wants to marry a Shanghainese man, the furious fathers join forces to stop the matches. ~ Viki

Chinese title: 南北和; Nan Bei He
Release year: 1961
Director: Tian-lin Wang

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