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White On Rice

White On Rice
White On Rice (82 min 00 sec)
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Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe) loves dinosaurs and sleeps on the top bunk. Unfortunately, Jimmy is 40 and shares that bunk with Bob (Justin Kwong), his 10-year-old nephew. Freshly divorced, Jimmy lives with his sister Aiko (Nae Yuuki) and her family while boldly searching for a new wife. His brother in-law, Tak (Mio Takada) thinks hes a disaster. And although Jimmy may lack social grace, he is convinced the best years of his life are just beginning. His plan seems like its all falling into place when Taks beautiful niece Ramona (Lynn Chen) moves in. But once Jimmy sets his sights on stealing her from his best friend Tim (James Kyson Lee), he sees his intentions go hilariously awry.

White on Rice became a festival favorite during the festival season of 2009. Its festival screenings included the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival and the So Paulo Film Festival. It was especially well received at Asian themed film festivals such as the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival where Dave Boyle and Joel Clark received awards for their screenplay and 13 year old Justin Kwong received an award for his acting, and the San Diego Asian Film Festival where it won the Audience Award.

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