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    Thi Mau len chua

    I know we have a traditional opera thread in the learning center, but I wanted to make a separate thread for this specific performance.

    While I have a huge interest in certain genres of traditional music, I often find that traditional theater either bores me or grates on my nerves. I assume most people in our generation probably feel similarly.

    However, I recently watched an extract from the famous Cheo opera "Quan Am Thi Kinh" (specifically "Thi Mau len chua") which I found to be absolutely beautiful. I think most of it is due to the amazing performance by the actress who plays Thi Mau - her name is Thu Huyen. Do check it out if you can (NOT recommended for non-Vietnamese. If you can't understand the language I imagine you might find this horribly jarring )

    First of all, the performance is totally live (notice the mic on her yem, and there is a live orchestra in the pit), yet her voice is pure, bright and effortless. Her dancing and movements are on point and so nuanced. This is just one tiny section of the opera, but believe me when I say she has unbelievable stamina. Her voice in the section starting at 1:35 gives me goosebumps.

    I have seen far too many lame performances of this Cheo on Youtube where they're either badly lip-synching or their dancing is completed stilted and lacks grace. The quality of the actors really makes a huge difference!

    Someone has uploaded the entire opera (2 hours) but I haven't gathered the courage to sit through the whole thing yet
    Apparently the inspiration for this opera is a verse poem in Nom written in the 1800's. Does anyone know when the opera was written, though?

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