Taliban target latest enemy of Islam – BALLOONS

On a post titled ‘Was it a balloon or a mini-skirt show’, author Qari Habib said: “The West is using different techniques to promote their culture in Afghanistan. Sometimes they do it in an undercover way.”
Habib went on to refer specifically to girls who were not following the 'hijab' culture of covering up with a headscarf.
He continued: “Some girls were without headscarves, with tight jeans and tops on, and even with mini-skirts on the streets. The boys were also dressed in Western-style outfits.

After distributing some balloons, they wandered around Kabul aiming to break the culture of hijab.
“The West wanted to smuggle in its culture through this programme.
“It was obvious that the main goal was to break the culture of covering in women.
“The war on our religious values, modesty and hijab is ongoing under different names such as women skiing, wrestling, fashion shows and balloons.”
But New York-based artist Yazmany Arboleda, who helped organise the event, hit back at the Taliban bosses.
The 31-year-old said the project was designed to show off the creativity of young people in the war-torn country.
He also wanted to bring a sense of fun to a city ravaged by decades of fighting.
The project was funded by individuals and groups from around the world each sponsoring one balloon for $1.
Around 100 volunteers turned up to hand out the “peace” balloons to surprised members of the public.