Her mom is a housekeeper.
The 19-year-old's boss son admitted that he raped a child and left home. Civil Police conducts investigation under secrecy, but considers fugitive suspect. Young is harassed in social medias.

The Civil Police investigates the case of a child of 4 years who would have been raped by a 19 years old boy, identified as Eduardo Gonçalves. The crime would have happened after the girl's mother, a maid, left her at her employer's house in Taquara, West Side of Rio, to solve personal problems. The alleged perpetrator of the crime is the employer's son.

G1 talked to the victim's father about the episode, which happened on Saturday (4). He said that the mother of the child, his ex-wife, sought out her daughter on Sunday morning (5) and realized that the child was limping.
"My ex-wife worked at Eduardo's mother's house 3 years ago. On Saturday, she had to solve a situation. Her boss said, 'You can leave her here, I'll take her to the mall for a walk.' And my wife left her there, "said his father.
"On Sunday morning, when my ex-wife arrived at the residence, my daughter was lying on the living-room sofa. They left, and my daughter began to limp. My ex-wife asked what had happened, and she said that she had hurt the toy library. Then her mother said, 'But you did not go there, tell the truth.' Then she said it was Eduardo who hurt her and pointed to her private parts. "
The girl had to be hospitalized and underwent a surgical procedure, where she had to receive more than 20 points.
"They put my daughter in bed, and they saw blood streaming down her legs. At the time, they took my daughter and went to the Rios D'Or, "said the father.
"She was discharged on Tuesday (7), but was taken to another hospital to do another battery of tests. Will do psychological and pediatric procedure. My wife is in a state of shock, very frightened. "