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    Eurogenes K36 nMonte tool for population matching

    Lukasz and poi from Anthrogenica made a nMonte runner tool using a database of individuals of ____ ethnicity. So "Han_north" is represented by 1 Northern Chinese person, "Han_Singapore" is 1 Chinese Singaporean, "Thai" is 1 person from Thailand, etc. You can use this website to model different Anthrogenica users or individual samples as different combinations of other users or database samples.

    This tool is based on Eurogenes K36 but you can't just copy+paste your Eurogenes K36 results to see how you compare to the database. You have to email lukasz (contact@lm-genetics.ovh) your Eurogenes K36 results to get your special coordinates. I had my results added to the Custom AG User database as an East Asian/Han Chinese/Mainland ABC reference.

    These are the 10 samples I'm closest to:

    Input Group Name Details Fit
    1 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Han_north Average 2.78992
    2 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Naxi_China Average 4.36728
    3 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Yizu_China Average 4.37373
    4 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Han_Taiwan Average 5.1053
    5 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner IND_Naga Average 5.65535
    6 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Tujia_China Average 5.92921
    7 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Tibetan Average 8.13598
    8 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Miaozhou_China Average 8.60563
    9 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner She_China Average 8.87645
    10 Custom:AGUser_okarinafsteiner Korean Average 9.13458sz

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