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    Don’t use WhatsApp,WeChat when you’re in China,University of California,tell students

    Don’t use WhatsApp or WeChat when you’re in China, University of California, Davis tells students

    The University of California, Davis has issued a China travel warning to its electrical and computer engineering students, advising them not to use messaging apps like WhatsApp or WeChat or make “unfavourable political statements or postings on social media” while there.

    It was delivered in an email sent by Gary Leonard, the university’s director of liability and property programmes, on Monday that was forwarded to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, according to screenshots seen by the South China Morning Post.

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    I am forced to use WeChat because I have family in China. It's a very suspicious app, asking for a lot of app privileges when you install it. Once I got my new phone, I just use my older phone to use it, sort of like a Wechat-only phone.

    China has blocked many non-Chinese SNS messengers, including Korea's most popular Kakaotalk, so Koreans living there are forced to use WeChat.
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