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How dare you use my account without my permission I wouldn't have known if I didn't received emails about it. I have taken control of my account now.
welcome back @Jai

I didnt use you're EB88 account , you logging in with you're old is solid proof that no one access you're account . thats means nobody seen your PVT MSGS, PVT photos or whatever.

if you google vbulletin 4.2 ( EB88's engine) pass protection, it will explain that not even the owners or hackers can decode/see youre password from the database. We can only reset it.

what i did was create new account for amazians.com with you're name, avatar & email on it, then copied & pasted you're best post/thread over 5-7 years in EB.

the new account was design for you to recover it by the password recovery under you're email.


i was planning to hand over the new account to you when i was finish the website, I respect you too much & i value was you as friend, i didnt expect you to return.